Medicine Monitoring Project

In 2004, former Health Secretary Manuel Dayrit and NAMFREL founding Chairman Jose S. Concepion, Jr. signed a Commitment of Support and Agreement for the implementation of the Medicine Monitoring Project in public hospitals and regional health offices. 


The project focuses on the monitoring of procurement, delivery, and inventory of priority drugs and medicines in 71 DOH hospitals  and 16  regional  health offices nationwide.   The purpose  of  the program is  to  improve  the efficiency  in the delivery of health services by ensuring transparent public bidding, preventing fictitious delivery and to ensure that the distributions of medicines reach the recipient hospital on time.



Recently, the Medicine Monitoring initiative was presented in Hongkong during the OpenDoors2009: Regional Forum on Procurement Monitoring as a tool for social accountability. Several participants were inspired to replicate a similar monitoring project in their respective countries. 

For the past five years, over 1.7 billion pesos worth of procurement items, services, and infrastructure projects were successfully monitored by NAMFREL.  So effective was its monitoring that in 2006, an unadvertised procurement     worth    P11    million    pesos   at    the Margosatubig Regional Hospital was reported to the DOH Integrity Development Committee.


Subsequently, a failure of bidding was declared. In 2007, NAMFREL identified procurement irregularities were endorsed for case filing at the office of the Ombudsman in the Visayas.


This year, NAMFREL will implement the 2nd phase of a full cycle implementation of the MMP. The second phase will concentrate on 28 project sites that comprise 21 retained hospitals and 7  regional  health  offices.   NAMFREL volunteers will actively engage in monitoring the bidding process, deliveries, as well as the distribution of medicines to the recipient hospitals. In this round, NAMFREL will develop a medicine price catalog comparing the bid and the prevailing market prices to help hospitals BAC determine a reasonable and acceptable price during the public bidding. The project will be implemented with the support of the Partnership for Transparency Fund (PTF) and the Coalition Against Corruption (CAC).



For further information, contact:
Mr. Eric Alvia, Secretary General-NAMFREL ([email protected])
or Mr. Edgar Camenting, Project Coordinator-NAMFREL Monitoring Program ([email protected]) .



Medicine Monitoring Project Update

An update on NAMFREL's participation in the Medicine Monitoring Project
October 30, 2012
NAMFREL-MMP (Medicine Monitoring Project) continues to implement...

Medicine Monitoring Project 2 concludes this month
October 28, 2011
by Edgar E. Camenting, NAMFREL Project Coordinator

Namfrel's Medicine Monitoring Project 2 ends this October.  continued >>>

Medicine Monitoring Project Update as of July 2011
by Edgar E. Camenting, NAMFREL Project Coordinator
Ten months since the implementation of Medicine Monitoring Project 2, NAMFREL was able to help ensure transparency in the procurement and contract
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DepEd Procurement and DOH Medicine monitoring update December 22, 2010
On December 22, 2010, Namfrel observed the Department of Education (DepEd) bid opening of Printing from Camera ready materials and Delivery of Various Preschool Instructional Materials. The three items under the Approved Budget Contract (ABC) were discussed are:

A. Readiness Skills Workbook -
Php 21,513,200.00

B. Answer sheets for RSW - 4,286,800.00

C. Standards cum Curriculum - 1,500,000.00

TOTAL AMOUNT (ABC) - Php 27,300,000.00

Out of the 13 bidders that have submitted their bidding documents, only five submitted their bid price namely
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