Pre-Election Activities.



“Ang Mamamayang Pilipino – Alisto!”

July 16, 2009
Plaza Miranda, Quiapo, Manila


Namfrel holds registration drive at the university belt (02-27-09)

Registration drive for first time voters last February 27, 2009, 10:00 a.m. at the San Beda College, Mendiola, Manila. continued >>>

Regional and Provincial Meetings and Trainings

Starting September 2000, regional and provincial meetings were held to prime the various chapters on the tasks that needed to be accomplished in preparation for the 2001 elections.
Members of the Executive Committee, the National Secretariat and Regional Directors were among those that were deployed to the various provinces to brief volunteers on Namfrel’s operational plans, and where necessary, assist in re-organizing the provincial chapter.
The provincial meetings focused on chapter organizational preparations for the May polls. Among the concerns raised were mobilization and training of volunteers, sourcing of financial and logistical assistance to support the chapter’s operations, Comelec’s implementation of the election automation, advocacy efforts not only for clean and honest elections but also for intelligent voting among voters and improving or enhancing relationship of the Namfrel chapter with Comelec and other deputized agencies.
Aside from the provincial and regional sorties, Namfrel also conducted briefing and trainings on the Operation Count to students from different colleges and universities and various civic, business and religious organizations.

March 16-17 2001 National Assembly

More than 300 provincial and NCR chairpersons and OQC chairpersons, representatives from Namfrel’s supporting organizations, donors and various guests gathered together for a two-day national assembly to discuss Namfrel’s final operational plans for the May 2001 elections.
Participants of the assembly, which was held at the Hyatt Regency Manila, were not only briefed on the different aspects of the Operation Quick Count but were also updated on the state of preparedness of Comelec and its deputized agencies.