The Quick Count and Election Observation

  An NDI Guide for Civic Organizations and Political Parties
Melissa Estok, Neil Nevitte and Glenn Cowan
A quick count is a powerful method for monitoring elections. Observers watch the voting and counting processes at selected polling stations, record key information on standardized forms and report their findings to a central data collection center. Quick count methodology is used to evaluate the overall quality of election day processes and to veritfy official election results.

This handbook is designed for civic activists, political party representatives and others who are systematically observing elections to protect their rights and to promote transparency and accountability in the process. It provides an overview of how quick counts have been conducted worldwide and gives a step-by-step explanation of how to organize an election observation effort from the planning stages through election day and afterwards. Appendices provide sample materials representing best practices from organizations around the world.  continue >>>

  Excerpt lifted from  "The Quick Count and Election Observation" (National Democratic Institute, 2002)