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Smartmatic/TIM backgrounder (06-10-09 GMA News)

About Smartmatic/TIM
Smartmatic International Corp. (Smartmatic) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Smartmatic International Holding, BV, a company organized under the laws of The Netherlands. Smartmatic has organized elections using its electronic voting solutions in Latin America, the Carribean, the United States, and Asia.
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December 2012

Comelec allowed to take over PCOS warehouse- (Rappler)

Bishops can review PCOS mock election last July- (Philstar)

Comelec to use pirated software in 2013 polls- (Philstar)

COMELEC to use PCOS machines in 2013 polls- (PIA)

No room at the inn for PCOS machines as eviction looms- (Manila Times)

Comelec use of pirated technology in polls feared- (Business Mirror)

Source code legitimate, Smartmatic swears- (Inquirer)

Smartmatic vows integrity of 2013 automated polls- (Philstar)

November 2012

Poll watchdogs say Smartmatic unable to correct PCOS glitches- (Inquirer)

PCOS machines ng Smartmatic, pinirata raw - (GMA News)

Software ng PCOS Machines ng Smartmatic, wala na raw lisensya- (GMA News)

2013 elections to use automation, PCOS-driven technology -- Comelec- (PIA)

Smartmatic: Row with contractor won't affect 2013 polls- (ABS CBN)

Comelec, Smartmatic, and the cheating in 2010 - (Manila Standard Today) 

House urged to probe Smartmatic-Dominion squabble - (Philstar)

Questions on 2013 ballot printer raised - (Malaya)

Comelec to summon Smartmatic chief on ballots for 2013 polls  - (Philstar)

October 2012

Watchdog fears pirated technology in 2013 automated elections  - (GMA News)

Comelec cleared to buy Smartmatic machines - (Manila Standard Today)

Comelec on Smartmatic’s legal woes: Not worried - (Business Mirror)

'Software snafu may affect PCOS machines' - (ABS CBN)

Palace to Comelec: Make sure PCOS up to task - (ABS CBN)


September 2012

Negotiated deal eyed on poll machines - (Manila Standard Today)

Comelec awards P41.3-M contract to US-based source code tester - (Philstar)


August 2012

Comelec to bid out contract for PCOS transmission modems  - (Philstar)

Poll machine storage deal auction by end-Aug. - (Businessworld Online)

4 firms eyeing poll supply - (Businessworld Online)


July 2012

4 firms to join poll supply, services bid - (Businessworld Online)

Enrile nixes manual 2013 elections - (Sunstar)

Smartmatic: PCOS machines have 10 more years of useful life- (GMA News)

Comelec may not use PCOS after 2013 polls- (Sunstar)

Smartmatic-TIM backs out of Pcos warehouse bidding- (Sunstar)

Comelec declares 'failed bidding' for PCOS warehouse - (Zambotimes)

Comelec: 50,000 PCOS machines pass tech tests, 1,000 rejected, 30,000 set aside- (GMA News)

Comelec vows fair bidding for PCOS warehouse  - (Philstar)

Smartmatic opposes visit to warehouse- (Sunstar)

Four firms vying to warehouse PCOS machines - (ABS CBN)

Smartmatic to turn over 34,000 PCOS machines to Comelec   - (Philstar)

13,000 PCOS machines quarantined for defects - (ABS CBN)

Comelec to set aside P112M for PCOS machines storage - (Inquirer)

Poll body may adjust PCOS machines for voting of 13th senator  - (Philstar)

June 2012

Comelec plans to create special body on PCOS machines - (Philstar)

Senate conducts inquiry on PCOS to be used for 2013 elections -  (Zambotimes)

Comelec to create committee to address PCOS issues - (GMA News)

Smartmatic allays fears over defective PCOS - (ABS CBN)

Comelec officials inspect, test PCOS machines   - (GMA News)

Lawyer mulls appeal of SC ruling on PCOS  - (Philstar)

Comelec inspects PCOS machines after SC nod  - (GMA News)

Election watchdog wants SC to reverse ruling on PCOS - (Rappler)

SC upholds PCOS machine deal between Comelec, Smartmatic  - (GMA News)

Comelec to Supreme Court: Rush decision on PCOS deal - (Inquirer)

P-Noy backs use of PCOS machines for 2013 polls - (Philstar)

Comelec Assures Automated 2013 Elections - (Manila Bulletin)

Make sure PCOS glitches fixed, Comelec told - (Business Mirror)


May 2012

Poll glitches will not happen next year, Comelec assures - (Businessworld Online)

Lagman, then as now, still unimpressed by Smartmatic - (Malaya)


April 2012

Smartmatic willing to join bidding for new technology for 2013 polls - (Philstar)

Comelec still owes Smartmatic P50M - (Inquirer)

Comelec may revert to manual elections in 2013 - (Philstar)

2013 automated polls in jeopardy: Brillantes - (ABS CBN)

SC stops Comelec from buying P1.8-B PCOS machines  - (Business Mirror)

Comelec, Smartmatic-TIM told to comment on pleas opposing P1.8-B purchase deal - (GMA News)

Supreme Court to allow use of old ballot boxes for 2013 polls  - (Philstar)

OFWs to have more election machines, poll body says   - (Gulf Today)

Automated 2013 polls iffy - (Sunstar)

Supreme Court orders Comelec to answer petition on P1.8-billion PCOS deal  - (Philstar)

SC asked to strike down P1.8-B Comelec contract to use PCOS machines in 2013 - (GMA News)

Better poll automation urged  - (Journal Online)

Binay backs Comelec decision to use PCOS for 2013 polls - (Philstar)

Group: Buying old PCOS machines 'wrong move' - (ABS CBN)

Lawmaker urges Comelec to implement automated election system for 2013 polls
- (Zamboanga Times)

Macalintal: SC can’t intervene in Comelec use of PCOS - (ABS CBN)

Group bent on stopping purchase of voting machines - (Sunstar)

Opponents of PCOS machines to sue Comelec - (Philstar)

Palace keeping out of a potential row involving Comelec's plan to buy PCOS machines - (GMA News)

Comelec signs contract with Smartmatic to buy PCOS machines - (Philstar)

March 2012

Comelec: No turning back to manual polls- (ABS CBN)

Comelec: 2010 poll glitches traced to ‘human error’  - (Journal Online)

Critics gang up on Comelec chief over decision to use PCOS machines in 2013 polls - (Inquirer)

'PCOS machines better than manual system'  - (Philstar)

Enrile defends Comelec on PCOS vote-counting machines - (Inquirer)

Ex-poll chief contests purchase of PCOS machines - (GMA News)

Palace lets Comelec decide on PCOS machines - (ABS CBN)

2 groups oppose Comelec decision to use PCOS - (Inquirer)

Comelec warned on PCOS purchase  - (Business Mirror)

So sue us, Comelec tells critics of purchase of PCOS machines  - (Philstar)

Koko: Stop Payments To Smartmatic - (Manila Bulletin)

Election watchdog slams Comelec decision to buy PCOS machines for 2013 polls - (GMA News)

Election body in a spot over poll machines - (Manila Standard Today)

Comelec to reuse PCOS machines for 2013 polls - (Inquirer)

Comelec to decide tomorrow on purchase of PCOS machines - (Philstar)

Don’t use PCOS machines in 2013 polls, Comelec urged - (Inquirer)

Poll watchdog thumbs down PCOS machines for 2013 elections - (GMA News)

Smartmatic 'return' in 2013 polls looms  - (Sunstar)

Comelec can't purchase Smartmatic machines for 2013 - (Sunstar)


February 2012

The automation scenario - (Business Mirror)

Getting old Smartmatic machines may violate law, poll exec says - (Sunstar)

Comelec to start bidding for poll machines in March - (Sunstar)

Comelec eyes buying Smartmatic machines - (Inquirer)

What is PCOS?  - (Business Mirror)

Comelec urged to resolve issue on canvassing system for 2013    - (Philstar)

Comelec Recommends 2013 Election Machines - (Manila Bulletin)

Senator launches i-PCOS for 2013 polls - (Sunstar)

Comelec to begin bidding for poll machines next month - (Businessworld)

Comelec council seeks rigid testing of poll technology for 2013  - (GMA News)

What is OMR?   - (Business Mirror)

Comelec wants early start to bidding for poll technology - (Manila Standard)

Comelec advisors pick OMR technology for 2013 elections - (GMA News)

Comelec to use PCOS technology in 2013 - (Philstar)

January 2012

Comelec junks online voting for 2013 polls - (Philstar)

Proposal to automate 2013 polls - (Manila Bulletin)

December 2011

Comelec seeking automated system for more transparent midterm polls - (Inquirer)

'Smartmatic's participation in 2013 polls up to advisory council' - (Philstar)

Use machines to save money - (Journal Online)

AES wants Smartmatic Corp. banned- (Manila Bulletin)

Comelec told to weigh options on voting machines - (GMA News)

Comelec told to study options on PCOS machines  - (Business Mirror)

November 2011

Comelec council to recommend technology for 2013 polls  - (Philstar)

PCOS fate to be decided January - (ABS CBN)

Comelec urged to save bulk of P8-B poll automation budget  - (Philstar)

Advisory council promises more accurate polls for 2013  - (Sunstar)

Comelec techie asks Congress: Probe 2010 polls - (Inquirer)

Hawking for Smartmatic   - (Businessworld)

October 2011

Smartmatic's ballot boxes overpriced -- COA   - (Menafn)

September 2011

Comelec not closing doors on Smartmatic - (Philstar)

No final decision on automation of ARMM polls, says Comelec - (Manila Bulletin)

Comelec considering manual ARMM elections   - (Manila Bulleitin)

Comelec ready to conduct automated Armm polls in 8 months - (Sunstar)

Wikileaks: US scored Comelec for ‘favoritism’ on Smartmatic PCOS machines - (Daily Tribune)

House OKs allocation of P8 billion for 2013 poll automation - (Philstar)

Comelec, Lagman split in buying PCOS units - (Inquirer)


August 2011.

Senators, Comelec clash on automated ARMM polls- (ABS CBN)

Comelec exec opposes procurement of PCOS machines   - (Philstar)

Palace addressing leadership vacuum on poll automation - (Business world)


July 2011

House to look into automation loopholes - (Sunstar)

New technology eyed for 2013 polls  - (Philstar)

June 2011

The next automated election system - (Manila Times)

Search on for 2013 poll automation technology - (Newsbytes)

Comelec: 2013 polls will be automated  - (Philstar)

Poll watchdog urges COMELEC to automate ARMM elections - (Mindanao Examiner)

Poll body scored for going slow on Armm poll preparations - (Sun Star)

May 2011
Comelec in a bind over PCOS machines for ARMM - (ABS CBN)

Poll body junks bid for manual Armm elections - (Sun Star)

Comelec to reuse 5K ballots for ARMM polls   - (Business mirror)

Election watchdogs call for ARMM manual voting  - (Vera files)

April 2011
New Comelec exec for manual ARMM polls  - (Manila Bulletin)

PET allows Comelec to copy CF cards for recount, election protests  - (Inquirer)

March 2011

Bishop nixes PCOS machines for ARMM polls - (ABS CBN)

Poll protests to be resolved manually - (Philstar)

Comelec to abandon use of PCOS machines - (Manila Bulletin)

February 2011

Sarmiento: Re-use of PCOS needs evaluation - (Manila Bulletin)

Comelec seeks approval from Congress to use PCOS machines in ARMM polls  - (Zamboanga Today)

Comelec prodded to junk 'flawed' PCOS technology - (Manila Bulletin)

January 2011

Comelec urged to use other technologies instead of PCOS   - (Manila Bulletin)

Comelec to buy PCOS machines? - (Business world)

Comelec allows local courts to use PCOS machines to resolve election protest cases - (Manila Bulletin)

Comelec sends PCOS machines to courts to resolve election protests - ((Philstar)

December 2010
Smartmatic is looking to provide anew the technology to the 2013 polls - (Manila Bulletin)
November 2010

No joke: PH automated elections world model—Comelec exec - (Inquirer)

October 2010
Comelec Field Execs Told to Preserve May 10 Records  - (Manila Bulletin)
September 2010
ARMM Automated Polls to Cost P2.6 Billion - (Manila Bulletin)
August 2010

Survey: Automated polls ‘satisfactory’ - (Manila Bulletin)

July 2010

June 2010


May 2010


April 2010


March 2010

February 2010

Last batch of poll machines to arrive Saturday - (GMA News)

Configuration of PCOS machines starts  - (Philstar)

Halalan 101: Shading your ballot- (ABS CBN)

Comelec to pay P50 M in royalties for ballot security markings - (GMA News)

Comelec: All poll machines delivered by Friday - (GMA News)

Delivery of PCOS machines not yet over despite deadline  - (GMA News)

Comelec to voters: Shade fully the ovals - (ABS CBN)

Comelec, two telcos agree on site of data centers - (Philstar)

Telcos agree on new data centers, says Comelec  - (Inquirer)

No location yet for Comelec data center that will process poll results - (GMA News)

Smartmatic reports 82,000 voting machines ready  - (Inquirer)

Comelec says PCOS machines completed  - (Philstar)

Voters told: Shade whole ovals, do not `overvote’  - (Inquirer)

Comelec eyeing several options to resist signal jammers - (GMA News)

Comelec starts printing ballots, but only for training - (ABS CBN)

Glitches mar printing of election ballots - (GMA News)

Comelec agrees to divulge source codes of PCOS machines - (GMA News)

Saksi: Comelec makes last-minute changes on ballot design - (GMA News)

Melo: Jammers no cause for alarm  - (Philstar)

Political parties worry over signal jammers - (ABS CBN)

Comelec emergency plan includes signal jamming problem - (GMA News)

Comelec alarmed over reported entry of 5,000 cellphone signal jammers - (GMA News)

Comelec, Smartmatic sign pact on 77,000 ballot boxes - (Inquirer)

January 2010

Comelec: New delay in ballot printing is for quality control- (ABS CBN)

Printing of ballots for May elections postponed to Feb. 7 - (GMA News)

Despite glitches, Comelec confident of automation - (ABS CBN)

Saksi: PCOS machine fails to read some demo ballots - (GMA News)

Saksi: A PCOS machine suffers glitch during field test - (GMA News)

Field testing of poll machines successful - Comelec - (Philstar)

Smartmatic: some sectors 'salivating' to punish us - (GMA News)

Manual count possible in 30 percent of precincts - (GMA News)

First poll machine field test gets mixed results - (ABS CBN)

Comelec subjects PCOS machines to field tests - (ABS CBN)

Manufacturing of machines for May polls 100% finished - (GMA News)

Poll automation enters crucial stage - (Malaya)

Comelec still open to manual polls - (Philstar)

Machine, paper for ballot printing already with NPO - (GMA News)

May polls finished in 6 days - (Manila Bulletin)

Comelec 'delays' ballot printing by 1 week - (GMA News)

Comelec urged to fine Smartmatic for delays  - (Inquirer)

Smartmatic blames security woes for delay - (Malaya)

Smartmatic bares NPA harassment in provinces - (GMA News)

Half of poll machines ready  - (Philstar)

Poll machines production on track - (Manila Bulletin)

'A critical period for poll automation'  - (Philstar)

Poll automation timetable threatened anew - (Manila Times)

'Comelec to resolve poll machine woes'  - (Philstar)

Poll machines fail initial tests - Comelec - (Philstar)

Govt saves P200M in ballot printing cost for May polls  - (GMA News)

Guidelines for 2010 automated polls now out  - (GMA News)


December 2009

Year ends with less than 10% of counting machines delivered - (ABS CBN)

Comelec calm despite delay in PCOS delivery - (GMA News)

PSA: Automated polls a disaster waiting to happen - (ABS CBN)

Melo: Ready or not, ballots will be printed as scheduled - (Malaya)

Assessing 2010 Elections Automation in the Philippines - Detailing the Technology, Process & People Risks - (ABS CBN)

Comelec urged to print exact number of ballots - (ABS CBN)

Real reason for poll counting machines delay bared - (ABS CBN)

Saksi: Extending voters reg might delay automation sked by a month  - (GMA News)

Comelec: Smartmatic-TIM won't be fined yet - (ABS CBN)

Rescind poll automation contract due to delays: CCM - (ABS CBN)

Production delays of voting machines dog Comelec - (ABS CBN)

Comelec inspects China PCOS factory for 2010 automated elections - (GMA News)

Comelec team in China to inspect poll machines production - (ABS CBN)

'Martial law to speed up poll automation preparations'   - (Philstar)

‘Brownouts won’t stop election automation’  - (Inquirer)

Comelec urged to teach about automated polls via the 'lotto way' - (GMA News)

Voters trust teachers will guide them on hi-tech voting - (ABS CBN)

Automated election how-to's  - (Manila Bulletin)


November 2009

QTV: Music video to educate voters on automated polls released  - (GMA News)

Comelec issues 2010 election guidelines - (Manila Bulletin)

Comelec taps 400,000 teachers for 2010 polls - (GMA News)

Comelec conducts voting process simulation - (GMA News)

Comelec goes hi-tech in poll info drive - (ABS CBN)

Issues about ballots discussed in a meet for poll preparations - (GMA News)

'Comelec making CCM scapegoat for poll preparation delay' - (ABS CBN)

Comelec to use color-coded ballots in 2010 polls - (GMA News)

Comelec vows fraud-free automated elections - (Philstar)

Comelec releases general instructions draft for 2010 polls - (GMA News)

Palace confident Comelec will deliver on automation - (Manila Bulletin)

Poll preparations behind by a month - Comelec - (GMA News)

Gordon: No call to look for ‘ghosts’ on automation - (Manila Bulletin)

SC told: Poll automation contract breached - (ABS CBN)

Hitches in delivery of poll machines give Comelec chief sleepless nights - (Manila Bulletin)

Melo airs concern on delivery, configuration of poll machines - (GMA News)

Poll machines unable to detect flying voters - (Manila Bulletin)

Comelec to send team to China to inspect manufacturing of poll machines - (GMA News)

2010 ballot box to exclude rejected ballots - (Philstar)

Napocor needs P6B to ensure stable power supply during polls - (ABS CBN)

Comelec opens ballot printing to watchdog checks - (Inquirer)


October 2009

Poll machines will now be made in China, not Taiwan - (ABS CBN)

NGOs still unconvinced of ‘fraud-free’ automated polls - (GMA News)

Smartmatic, TIM to tap region-based cargo forwarders - (Philstar)

Backup protocol to ensure poll count–Comelec - (Inquirer)

No room for ‘operators’ in 2010 polls - Comelec chief - (GMA News)

Much at stake in automation for Smartmatic - (Manila Times)

US firm to test poll automation system - (Inquirer)

House delays approval of Comelec's 2010 budget - (ABS CBN)

'Plot to subvert 2010 elections will fail' - (Philstar)

Comelec makes partial payment to Smartmatic - (Manila Bulletin)

Comelec urged to release source code of precinct count optical scan - (Philstar)