Good Governance

As a Filipino citizens’ group, NAMFREL's commitment is to actively participate in strengthening democratic institutions and processes. It highly encourages the involvement of citizens in this enormous task of guarding democracy. NAMFREL believes that it is only by harnessing the power of an informed and concerned citizenry that free, orderly and clean elections, as well as honesty in government, can be achieved.

Aside from conducting parallel counts during elections, NAMFREL is also involved in anti-corruption and good governance programs such as medicine and textbook monitoring programs, and participation in bids and awards committees of various government agencies.

In between elections, NAMFREL engages in anti-corruption and good governance programs with the Department of Education (DepEd), Department of Health (DOH) and select government agencies and bureaus.
Medicine Monitoring Project (MMP)
In 2004, former Health Secretary Manuel Dayrit and NAMFREL founding Chairman Jose S. Concepion, Jr. signed a Commitment of Support and Agreement for the implementation of the Medicine Monitoring Project in public hospitals and regional health offices.  continued>>>

Department of Education - GWatch Textbook Count
NAMFREL’s partnership with the Department of Education (DepEd) to ensure transparency and enhance access to education services started with its participation in the National Textbook Delivery Program: “Textbook Count” in 2003 when DepEd through Undersecretary Juan Miguel Luz sought the support of NAMFREL through its extensive network of volunteers at the local level. continued>>>
  An update on NAMFREL's participation in the Medicine Monitoring Project
  October 30, 2012
NAMFREL-MMP (Medicine Monitoring Project) continues to implement monitoring in areas where the local chapters are also performing voluntary work to promote good continued>>>
  Medicine Monitoring Project 2 concludes this month
October 28, 2011
by Edgar E. Camenting, NAMFREL Project Coordinator

Namfrel's Medicine Monitoring Project 2 ends this October. The project was implemented in 28 Department of Health (DOH) hospitals and Centers for Health Development (CHDs) across the country with a commitment of support from DOH.   continued >>>
  Medicine Monitoring Project Update as of July 2011
Ten months since the implementation of Medicine Monitoring Project 2, NAMFREL was able to help ensure transparency in the procurement and contract implementation in selected DOH managed hospitals and regional health offices.  continued >>>
  Princeton University writes about Namfrel's efforts in the DepEd's Textbook Count project
From 2002 to 2005, Juan Miguel Luz, a senior official at the Department of Education of the Philippines, led a nationwide drive to ensure timely procurement and delivery of textbooks to the country’s 40,000 public schools. continued >>>
  NAMFREL holds training on government procurement monitoring
April 15, 2011

As part of its involvement in advocating good governance, NAMFREL facilitated a training on GPRA 9184, or the Procurement Law, on April 8-9, 2011 at the New Horizon Hotel, Mandaluyong City. 
continued >>>
  NAMFREL engages the DepEd, DILG & the DOH for the 2012 National Budget Preparation consultations
by Eric Jude O. Alvia, NAMFREL Secretary General March 28, 2011

The fresh mandate of the Aquino government presents opportunities for civil society organizations
(CSO) and citizens groups to set its social accountability agenda and help revitalize the advocacy for
good governance  continued >>>
  Medicine monitoring update
by Edgar E. Camenting, NAMFREL Project Coordinator March 28, 2011

Under the implementation of NAMFREL and the Department of Health's (DOH) Medicine Monitoring
Project 2, NAMFREL  monitored a total of Php 1.3 billion pesos worth of the Approved Budget for the
Contract (ABC)  continued >>>
  DepEd Procurement and DOH Medicine monitoring update
December 22, 2010
On December 22, 2010, Namfrel observed the Department of Education (DepEd) bid opening of Printing from Camera ready materials and Delivery of Various Preschool Instructional Materials. The
three items under the Approved Budget  Contract (ABC) were discussed are:  continued >>>