Philippine Election News

December 2016

Comelec delivers quicker results, higher turnout in election year- (GMA News)

Party-list group not accepting defeat- (Manila Times)

Losing party-list asks SC to probe gaps in Comelec, PPCRV counts- (Inquirer)

Marcos camp blasts Comelec ‘ineptitude’- (Manila Times)

'Physical delivery' of VCMs expected of Comelec by Dec. 1 deadline, says
Smartmatic exec- (GMA News)

Protect SD cards, Marcos asks court- (Manila Times)

Comelec sets hearing on seniors party-list case- (Malaya)

Smartmatic wants P2b for poll machines- (The Standard)

Comelec reiterates 8am–5pm voter registration hours- (Manila Bulletin)

Online overseas voter registration for 2019 polls on hold- (Manila Bulletin)

Comelec gets top international awards for handling May polls- (Inquirer)

Comelec on Duterte ‘illegal’ campaign contributions: No complaint, no probe- (Business Mirror)

COMELEC calls on public to participate in voter registration over the Yuletide break- (PIA)

Only 830 Filipinos bankrolled campaign of 5 presidential bets — PCIJ- (Inquirer)

Let’s design an automated election system…together- (Manila Times)

Some candidates’ SALNs, SOCEs don’t add up — PCIJ- (Inquirer)

Comelec: absentee voting open to undocumented OFWs- (Inquirer)

Comelec Orders A Recount- (Inquirer)

Overseas voting registration/certification for qualified overseas Filipinos
resumes on Dec 1- (PIA)

Comelec returns 97,000 voting machines to Smartmatic- (Rappler)


November 2016

OAV registration for 2019 elections to start Dec. 1 –Comelec- (GMA News)

Comelec targets registered Filipino voters abroad to reach 2m by 2019 polls- (Inquirer)

Comelec open on holidays- (Inquirer)

Marcos legal team to SC: Release contents of ‘unused’ SD cards- (Business Mirror)

Bongbong Marcos’ camp wants to know contents of ‘unused’ SD cards- (GMA News)

COMELEC to conduct satellite registrations in NCR- (PIA)

COMELEC cited for 2016 reform measures- (PIA)

Comelec mulls buying leased counting machines- (ABS CBN)

Robredo camp urges vigilance vs. ‘plan to steal vice-presidency’- (GMA News)

Comelec urges public to sign up as voter registration resumes- (Inquirer)

Move on, Robredo camp tells Bongbong- (Inquirer)

Comelec issues guidelines on how to claim voter’s ID- (Manila Bulletin)

Bongbong camp seeks DOJ review of decision vs. Comelec, Smartmatic- (GMA News)

Reactivate your registration records, COMELEC urges deactivated voters- (PIA)

Voters’ IDs clog Comelec- (Inquirer)

COMELEC reminds voters: Register early- (PIA)

Pinoys abroad urged to register online for 2019 elections- (GMA News)

Bongbong camp to appeal junking of cybercrime raps vs. Comelec, Smartmatic
 personnel- (GMA News)

Comelec, Smartmatic cleared over server script change in May polls- (GMA News)


October 2016

Comelec returns 1,000 VCMs to Smartmatic- (Inquirer)

40 unused VCMs have corrupted SD cards: Comelec- (ABS CBN)

Comelec to hold at least 2 satellite registrations in every barangay to encourage
people to register- (Northbound Asia)

Comelec: We’ll probe Duterte’s SOCE after filing of complaint- (Inquirer)

COMELEC to resume voters' registration on November 7- (PIA)

Comelec probes Duterte’s campaign finance- (ABS CBN)

Marcos pushes electoral protest with petition vs Comelec return of VCMs to
Smartmatic- (Businessworld)

Comelec releases machines- (Manila Standard)

Marcos to file petition opposing return of counting machines- (Manila Bulletin)

Comelec: Signing of law on poll postponement ‘welcome, expected’- (GMA News)

Rody signs law postponing barangay, SK polls- (Philstar)

COMELEC's Jimenez on staging debates: There will always be room for improvement- (PIA)

Comelec allots P10.6-M to diagnose used PCOS machines- (Sunstar)

COMELEC on impeachment threat: We are in good faith- (PIA)

Poll expert hits recall of counting machines- (Manila Times)

Can Comelec probe Marcos donation to Duterte?- (Rappler)

CA junks Abalos plea to stop RTCs from hearing electoral-sabotage cases- (Business Mirror)

Poll watchdog urges Duterte to sign bill postponing October polls- (Sunstar)

Comelec postpones COC filing for barangay, SK polls- (Manila Bulletin)

Bongbong Marcos urges PET to junk Robredo’s defense in poll protest- (GMA News)

Comelec urged: Ban guns, appointments before polls postponement- (Inquirer)

Comelec holds reopening of voter registration for barangay, SK polls- (Business Mirror)


September 2016

Comelec urges youth who will turn 15 by Oct. 23, 2017 to register as voters- (GMA News)

Comelec rejects Smartmatic's refund request over 2013 penalty- (Sunstar)

Election period still exists sans law postponing Oct. 31 Bgay, SK polls: Macalintal- (Interaksyon)

Comelec panel upholds Abby Binay’s win as Makati mayor, dismisses Peña poll protest- (GMA News)

Comelec to restart voters' registration for barangay, SK polls- (Rappler)

Comelec to use remainder of P6B budget for 2017 polls- (Inquirer)

Comelec stops all preps for barangay, SK polls- (GMA News)

Not so fast, Comelec tells Smartmatic- (Inquirer)

Voters told to file case in high court- (Manila Standard)

COMELEC: Election service of teachers voluntary starting 2017- (PIA)

Comelec execs defy chairman on intel funds- (Inquirer)

Dynasties way for women to enter politics, says poll exec- (Inquirer)

Leni opposes proposed SK abolition- (Manila Bulletin)

Comelec team clears Smartmatic on script alteration on transparency server- (GMA News)

House committee passes bill rescheduling SK, barangay polls- (Manila Bulletin)

Comelec asks Congress anew for law postponing October polls- (Sunstar)

Comelec stops printing of ballots for barangay, SK polls- (GMA News)

Printed ballots will not be wasted, says Comelec- (PIA)


August 2016

Leni backs disposal of poll materials amid protest- (Manila Bulletin)

Comelec working with NPC, DOST to beef up cybersecurity after 'Comeleak'- (GMA News)

Comelec stops ballot printing- (PIA)

Only Congress can postpone elections, say Comelec- (PIA)

Reset of Barangay, SK polls gathers momentum in Congress- (Manila Bulletin)

Rody wants barangay, SK polls postponed- (Philstar)

COMELEC to prohibit playing of Pokemon Go in precincts during polls- (Manila Bulletin)

Barangay, SK elections unique, says COMELEC- (PIA)

Many lawmakers prefer moving barangay, SK polls to 2017 — Angara- (GMA News)

Comelec to notify voters at risk of identity theft- (CNN)

Comelec to Barangay and SK Bets: Do not wait for the last day to file COCs- (PIA)

Comelec starts printing of ballots for barangay, SK polls- (GMA News)

Antidynasty drive starts with SK polls- (Inquirer)

Comelec cites merits of voter’s receipt feature- (Manila Bulletin)

Pangilinan wants voter education in high school curriculum- (Inquirer)

Comelec told to furnish all parties in Marcos’ electoral protest with copies
of its Aug. 10 letter to SC- (Canadian Inquirer)

2016 elections 'more credible' than 2010 polls – survey- (Rappler)

Comelec accused of failing to preserve documents in Marcos protest- (Inquirer)

Pinoys abroad who didn’t vote face Comelec axe- (Inquirer)

Robredo urges PET to junk Bongbong Marcos’ poll protest- (GMA News)

Bongbong questions Comelec action on VCMs- (Inquirer)

Comelec junks poll protest vs Malapitan- (Manila Times)

Comelec cannot disqualify aspirants in Barangay, SK polls for supposed link
to illegal drug ops- (Manila Bulletin)

Comelec body ousts Pampanga mayor on Duterte drug list for ‘overstaying’- (Inquirer)

2016 elections most credible, survey says- (Inquirer)

Comelec on tight schedule for youth, village polls- (Inquirer)

Youth groups want 15 more days for SK registration- (Rappler)

Immediate decision sought for barangay, SK polls postponement- (Philstar)

Youth representative seeks ‘Comeleaks’ probe- (Interaksyon)

Comelec set to print 85-M ballots for October polls- (Sunstar)

Suppliers dun Comelec for P46M for poll services- (Inquirer)

Comelec told: Secure data on Marcos protest- (Manila Standard)

3 party-list groups not yet proclaimed – Comelec- (Philstar)

Party-list system needs finetuning, says Comelec- (Manila Standard)

Voters for SK, brgy. polls hit 80K mark- (Inquirer)

Comelec runs after SK bets related to pols- (Philstar)


July 2016

Comelec bares prohibited acts, Calendar of Activities for Barangay, SK elections- (PIA)

Complaint Filed Vs Smartmatic And Comelec Over Script Change Now Up
For Evaluation By Poll Body- (Asian Journal)

Binay asks Comelec to dismiss Pena’s poll protest- (Manila Bulletin)

Youth group asks Comelec to extend deadline for SK registration period- (Inquirer)

Comelec saves P640 million after it cancels bid for ballot boxes- (Business Mirror)

Comelec: No more data hacking in October polls- (Sunstar)

Fourth server ‘can’t overturn’ VP victory- (Manila Times)

No extension of registration period for barangay, SK polls —Comelec chief- (GMA News)

SET orders De Lima to answer poll protest- (Manila Bulletin)

COMELEC: Reactivate your registration records- (PIA)

Comelec: SK bets related to incumbent pols can’t run- (Inquirer)

Smartmatic admits using unofficial servers- (Manila Times)

Hybrid polls in May ’19 pushed- (The Standard)

Marcos camp claims early ‘win’ in fraud case- (Manila Times)

COMELEC urges public to register early- (PIA)

Manual audit of clustered precincts matches machine counts – report- (Inquirer)

Registration for barangay, SK polls low in NCR- (Manila Times)

Comelec has to enforce anti-political dynasty provision in SK polls – Macalintal- (Northbound Asia)

SK polls: One small step for antidynasty law- (Inquirer)

Were the automated polls a success?- (Manila Times)

Comelec’s Guanzon: 350,000 new registrants for barangay, SK polls in just 3 days- (GMA News)

Comelec to new registrants: Download and fill out forms- (Manila Bulletin)

Comelec releases calendar of activities for 2016 barangay, SK elections- (Rappler)

Comelec suggests way for faster voter registration- (Inquirer)

No secret meeting with Comelec chief – Leni- (Philstar)

Manila prosecutor’s office hears Marcos’ complaint vs. Smartmatic, Comelec anew- (Northbound)

Comelec open on weekends for voters’ registration- (Inquirer)

Voters’ registration for barangay, SK election set on July 15-31- (PIA)

SC asked to order Comelec to act on Gabriela’s 3-seat petition- (Inquirer)

Marcos protest vs Robredo before PET erroneous - lawyer- (Interaksyon)

Comelec sees 6M new voters for barangay, SK polls- (GMA News)

'10 days not enough to answer Marcos election protest'- (Rappler)

Comelec issues guidelines for voters registration in barangay, SK elections- (PIA)

Bautista blamed for Comelec hacking- (Inquirer)

Comelec to defer to SC on Soce- (Inquirer)

Comelec sets registration rules for SK, barangay polls in October- (Inquirer)

Comelec: Like nothing happened- (Inquirer)

Bongbong camp: Case vs Smartmatic, Comelec IT workers strong- (Inquirer)

Comelec eyes P6-B savings from synchronized SK, barangay polls and
 proposed ConCon- (Interaksyon)

Comelec execs buck barangay polls postponement- (Philstar)

Comelec eyes voter's registration in July for Barangay, SK polls- (Interaksyon)

Leni unfazed by Bongbong’s election protest- (Inquirer)


June 2016



WATCH: Duterte inaugurated as Philippine president- (Rappler)

LOOK: Leni Robredo takes oath of office as Vice President of the Philippines- (CNN)

Smartmatic extra services to cost Comelec P107M- (Manila Times)

I will win - Marcos- (Journal Online)

Comelec officials welcome Bongbong’s poll protest- (GMA News)

Comelec en banc meeting on Tuesday cordial -- Bautista- (Interaksyon)

SC upholds Comelec resolution extending SOCE submission- (Philstar)

Losing QC bets sue Mayor Bautista for vote-buying- (Inquirer)

Bongbong to file poll protest a day before Leni assumes VP post- (GMA News)

Comelec row worsens: 3 execs to boycott barangay polls- (Philstar)

Weeks after polls, Comelec denies appeals vs Duterte- (Rappler)

Comelec hit for ‘LP bias’- (The Standard)

Comelec compelled to probe poll fraud claims- (Manila Bulletin)

All Comelec commissioners hit Chairman Bautista- (Rappler)

Comelec extends SOCE deadline, but with fines- (Manila Bulletin)

SC asked to stop Comelec from giving additional seat to party-list group- (GMA News)

Party-list group seeks poll probe- (Manila Times)

Comelec’s Lim quits post as campaign finance chair- (The Standard)

SC junks party-list group’s petition vs Comelec decision- (Interaksyon)

Plunder raps filed vs Comelec execs- (Philstar)

‘More politicians likely to file SOCE late’- (Philstar)

Comelec hit for escape of Smartmatic engineer- (Manila Times)

Brillantes: After extending SOCE filing, who will believe in Comelec's next deadline?- (Interaksyon)

Comelec extends SOCE filing deadline- (Philstar)

Ex-Comelec chief Brillantes: Late filing of SOCE not illegal- (Rappler)

Marcos camp: Election server tweaked not once but twice- (Rappler)

Mar defies Comelec on expense list- (The Standard)

SC junks petition seeking to void award of contract to Smartmatic- (Inquirer)

'ALMOST PERFECT' | Comelec audit shows vote counting machines were
 99.8840% accurate- (Interaksyon)

At least 42 local election results under protest- (Rappler)

‘Under votes not indication of fraud’- (Philstar)

UNA hits Roxas, LP for failure to file SOCE- (Philstar)

Drilon backs proposal to postpone barangay election- (Northboundasia.com)

Leni's fate in limbo as LP fails to submit expenditure report- (GMA News)

SC orders Comelec to comment on petition to prosecute Smartmatic execs in president, VP erratic votes upsurge- (Phil. Canadian Inquirer)

PNP, Comelec end election gun ban- (Philstar)

‘Secret server used to rig polls’- (Manila Times)

Comelec reminds candidates of SOCE deadline tomorrow- (CNN)

Group wants probe of Smartmatic- (The Standard)

SC asked to compel Comelec to probe 'tampering' of May 9 polls- (Philstar)

Marcos claims he got no votes in 113 Vis-Min areas- (The Standard)

Lim files more evidence of ‘vote buying’ vs Estrada- (Inquirer)

Bets told: File statement on poll donors, expenses- (Manila Times)

Comelec wants more women candidates in barangay polls- (Manila Bulletin)

SC to Comelec: Prevent cyber cheating- (Manila Times)

SC junks AES Watch’s claim of Comelec spying- (Manila Bulletin)

Osmeña: Ongoing recount shows small discrepancies- (Inquirer)

Espionage raps vs Comelec junked- (The Standard)

Comelec shrugs off cheating story- (Inquirer)


May 2016

Bautista to whistleblowers: ‘Why only now?’- (Manila Bulletin)

Comelec thanks police, military for peaceful polls- (Inquirer)

SC junks petition to compel Comelec to conduct system audit- (Inquirer)

Comelec: Random manual audit halfway done, shows accurate poll results- (CNN)

Smartmatic lauds 2016 elections for being the fastest ever in PHL history- (GMA News)

Duterte, Robredo proclaimed new President, VP; Rody a no-show- (Inquirer)

Votes allegedly added to Leni, Mar’s tallies more than their totals in Quezon’- (GMA News)

Beyond proclamation, Comelec and Smartmatic must answer for election flaws:
BBM ally- (Interaksyon)

‘Marcos robbed of .5-m votes in Quezon’- (The Standard)

Fraud claims set to hound VP Leni- (Manila Times)

‘They got the ballots, and shaded them’- (Inquirer)

It’s Duterte, Robredo in final count- (Inquirer)

Marcos camp: Smartmatic must explain ’discrepancies’ in COCs- (Inquirer)

Comelec pushing for new legislation to modernize polls- (Manila Bulletin)

Marcos overtakes Robredo as ‘Solid North’ votes canvassed- (Inquirer)

Next President, VP may be proclaimed by May 30- (GMA News)

Day 1 of canvassing: Robredo leads VP race- (Rappler)

Ilocos Sur, Laguna, Davao del Norte canvassers ordered to face Congress- (Rappler)

Canvassing panel finds discrepancy in Davao Del Sur COCs, asks Comelec to explain- (Philstar)

Comelec defers action on Marcos’s call for poll system audit- (Philstar)

Senate, House to convene as canvassing board today- (Philstar)

Bongbong to sue Smartmatic, poll execs- (Inquirer)

Bongbong’s camp vows to ‘scrutinize every COC’ for VP during canvassing- (Philstar)

Robredo victory now ‘unassailable,’ says Macalintal- (Inquirer)

Bongbong urges immediate proclamation of Duterte- (Philstar)

Before assuming Senate post, De Lima to join Robredo legal team- (Inquirer)

Marcos camp confident Comelec will allow system audit- (Interaksyon)

IT experts: Servers shipped to Laguna to rig vote- (The Standard)

BIR: Candidates will be taxed for excess campaign donations- (Manila Bulletin)

Comelec eyes reforms for midterm polls- (Philstar)

Marcos camp files criminal case vs Smartmatic, Comelec officials- (Inquirer)

Comelec likely to allow poll audit- (Manila Times)

Comelec proclaims 12 winning senators- (Inquirer)

Comelec proclaims 46 winning party-lists- (Philstar)

Obama congratulates Duterte- (Manila Bulletin)

Comelec to proclaim 12 senatorial winners today- (Inquirer)

Comelec wraps up COC canvassing- (CNN)

Bongbong camp to demand full audit of Comelec’s network system- (GMA News)

WATCH | Smartmatic's Jimeno: 'Was there a protocol for a minor script change?'- (Interaksyon)

Senators, party-lists to be proclaimed on Thursday: Commission on Elections- (Businessworld Online)

Smartmatic: No intention of leaving Philippines- (Rappler)

Guanzon to Comelec: Bar Smartmatic from leaving- (Philstar)

Brillantes: Unofficial results blown out of proportion- (Philstar)

1 M votes still to be counted- (Philstar)

Robredo claims victory- (Philstar)

EXCLUSIVE on CNN Philippines: Marcos says he has won the VP race- (CNN)

Special ARMM polls generally peaceful- (Manila Times)

In Maguindanao’s special polls, voters prefer cops as BEI members- (Mindanews) 

Comelec: Overseas votes fully canvassed- (CNN)

Audit of COCs from 6 places set- (Inquirer)

Overseas voter turnout low; Comelec blames snail mail- (Inquirer)

Seized guns in poll period ‘enough for six battalions’- (Inquirer)

Count Continues- (Manila Times)

US Embassy Manila’s Statement on Philippine Elections- (Inquirer)

3 Comelec SD cards found in Kabankalan dumpsite- (Manila Bulletin)

Smartmatic faces probe- (Inquirer)

Namfrel: Smartmatic man violated protocol, should be reprimanded- (Inquirer)

Namfrel denied access to random manual audit in some precincts- (Inquirer)

Comelec: 12 senators to be proclaimed by next week- (Philstar)

Comelec okays opening of 7 ballot boxes- (Inquirer)

From Pigong to PDiggy: What to call president-elect Duterte?- (Rappler)

Robredo maintains lead in VP race- (Rappler)

WATCH | Marcos camp: We're not accusing Comelec of cheating- (Interaksyon)

Marcos camp wants own IT expert to check Comelec server- (Rappler)

WATCH | Namfrel, Comelec: Change in hash code has no effect on content of
election returns- (Interaksyon)

Comelec, Smartmatic on software alteration: Cosmetic change, no effect on results- (CNN)

Comelec won’t stop quick count- (Philstar)

Comelec server hash codes altered, then Robredo votes surged – Marcos camp- (Rappler)

First transgender politician wins seat in Congress- (Philstar)

Comelec declares special elections for 17,600 voters- (Rappler)

Senatorial candidates bare discrepancies in vote count- (Manila Bulletin)

DAY 1: Comelec tabulates 30 of 164 Certificates of Canvass- (Interaksyon)

Comelec to review Smartmatic deal- (Philstar)

Comelec rethinks DQ case vs Digong- (Inquirer)

Leni Robredo says cheating allegations unfair- (Philstar)

Unyielding Marcos says Robredo's rise in tally 'strange'- (Rappler)

Comelec to probe burning of vote counting machine in Samar- (Manila Bulletin)

No reports of discrepancies yet in election results — Comelec- (Manila Bulletin)

Comelec won’t stop quick count- (Philstar)

Comelec server hash codes altered, then Robredo votes surged – Marcos camp- (Rappler)

Comelec declares special elections for 17,600 voters- (Rappler)

Senatorial candidates bare discrepancies in vote count- (Manila Bulletin)

Malacañang accepts presidential elections’ outcome- (Manila Bulletin)

Comelec chief: 'New record' in transmission of election results- (GMA News)

Comelec clarifies RMA is a test of the machine performance- (Manila Bulletin)

Roxas concedes defeat: I wish you success, Mayor Duterte- (Inquirer)

VP race: Marcos camp insinuates cheating as Robredo grabs lead- (Rappler)

Binay not yet conceding, will wait for complete count- (Rappler)

Mar to give official statement by mid-morning- (Manila Bulletin)

Miriam: Guard our votes- (Philstar)

Robredo snatches lead from Marcos in VP race- (Businessworld Online)

Grace Poe concedes to Rodrigo Duterte- (Rappler)

Comelec: Transmission of votes fastest in 2016- (Rappler)

Duterte leading in early count- (Inquirer)

Isabela bishop to Comelec: Declare 'failure of elections' in Basilan town- (Rappler)

Comelec extends voting to 6 pm in certain areas- (Rappler)

At least 10 dead in PH election day violence- (Rappler)

PNP official: 2016 elections more peaceful than past polls- (CNN)

7 killed, another wounded in election day Cavite ambush- (Rappler)

Vote-counting machines fail in first polling hours- (Philstar)

Roxas camp to PPCRV: Go, inspect alleged VCMs at Novotel, but…- (Inquirer)

Comelec eyes 1,000 BGAN units as back-up to transmit poll results- (Inquirer)

140 teachers backing out as Board of Election Inspectors in Lanao del Sur- (Manila Bulletin)

Hundreds of trained VCM technicians fired by Comelec before election:
Poe-Chiz legal team- (Interaksyon)

Impact of Comelec breach on elections 'minimal' – cybersecurity expert- (Rappler)

Election dos and don'ts: How to vote on May 9- (CNN)

Poll watchdogs prepare for final stretch of 2016 elections- (CNN)

'Find Your Precinct' tool launched on GMA News Online- (GMA News)

Duterte maintains lead in latest Pulse Asia poll; Robredo surges- (Inquirer)

Impossible for hackers to alter poll results–NBI- (Inquirer)

Ex-Comelec exec raises more questions on automated poll system- (GMA News)

Comelec to pilot IP polling centers- (Manila Times)

Election training going high-tech- (Manila Bulletin)

Poll machines sent to towns, cities today- (Inquirer)

802 unopposed local bets in areas with 6.8-M voters- (Inquirer)

Comelec tags Region 1 hotspots- (Manila Times)

No election ‘hotspot’ in Region 12 — Comelec- (Mindanews)

Comelec asked to place Samar under its control- (Manila Times)

Comelec to hold final testing and sealing of vote-counting machines this week- (Interaksyon)

Comelec deletes more than 70,000 names in CAR voter’s list- (Northbound)

Roxas leads pre-election presidential survey- (Manila Bullein)

PNP on high alert for elections- (Manila Times)