Philippine Election News

June 2024

Privacy agency wary of Comelec proposal - (Inquirer)

18,271 posts up for grabs in 2025 polls- (Philstar)

Comelec sees new voters reaching 4M- (Manila Standard)

AT A GLANCE: Key features of Philippines’ new voting machines. - (Rappler)

SOCEs of candidates to be posted on Comelec website- (Philstar)

Comelec approves use of biodegradable items for campaign materials- (ABS CBN)

Comelec en banc greenlights posting of COCs, CONA on its website- (GMA News)

WATCH: New poll machine lets voters recast ballot- (ABS CBN)

Election watchdogs kick off AI debates, youth training a year before 2025 polls- (ABS CBN)

200 groups apply for party-list registration- (Philstar)

Comelec chief wants online publication of COCs, CONAs- (Inquirer)

New voting machines perform ‘flawlessly’ during Batangas test run: Comelec- (ABS CBN)

Comelec vows to get rid of nuisance, 'placeholder' candidates in list of 2025
polls wannabes- (ABS CBN)

Faster voting, results in '25 polls- (Manila Times)

Comelec eyes allowing only current photos on candidates' campaign materials- (ABS CBN)

Miru tours Comelec execs in South Korea factory- (Manila Times)

Filipinos will use Comelec’s new voting machines in 2025. Here are the key features. - (Rappler)

Comelec bets on outreach, online ballots to boost overseas voters’ numbers- (ABS CBN)

Comelec pushes for biodegradable campaign materials- (GMA News)

Comelec taps committee to study proposed AI, ‘deepfake’ use in next year’s elections- (ABS CBN)

WATCH: Early look at Comelec’s new vote counting machines for 2025- (Rappler)

Comelec, Miru witness test-run of HP-printed sample ballots for PH midterm polls- (Manila Times)

Warning issued vs deepfake campaigning in 2025 polls- (Philstar)

Comelec to discuss possible AI ban in 2025 polls next week- (GMA News)


May 2024

Comelec eyes ban on deepfakes, AI in 2025 midterm polls- (Inquirer)

Comelec awards contract for Online Voting and Counting System- (Business Mirror)

Comelec releases calendar of activities for 2025 elections- (Rappler)

Comelec junks appeal vs ruling on procurement of online voting system for 2025
midterm polls- (Manila Times)

Comelec releases schedule of activities for 2025 midterm, BARMM polls- (GMA News)

SC to Comelec, Miru: Reply to plea asking to stop AES implementation- (Inquirer)

‘Purchase of new VCMs a decision of entire government- (Philstar)

Task force, Comelec to classify threats, attacks vs media as election offenses- (GMA News)

Comelec rules on 37 petitions from 2023 barangay, SK polls- (Inquirer)

Smartmatic tells Comelec to use existing VCMs in 2025 polls 'to save billions'- (ABS CBN)

Delisted voters urged to register- (Philstar)

Smartmatic calls on Comelec to use existing VCMs in 2025 polls- (GMA News)

Comelec: Over 4.2M voters removed from official list- (GMA News)

Comelec bans candidate substitution due to withdrawal after Oct. 8, 2024- (GMA News)

Comelec to tackle legality of online voting- (Manila Times)

Comelec disqualifies bidder for overseas vote- (Inquirer)

Comelec yet to award online voting contract- (Philstar)

[WATCH] #TheLeaderIWant: Filipino voters sound off on community issues a year
before 2025 elections- (Rappler)

Comelec: Target na 3 milyong bagong voter, malapit na maabot- (ABS CBN)

Comelec eyes early voting to combat heat- (Philstar)

House bill seeks to postpone BSKE anew- (Philstar)

Political watchdog, analyst weigh in on value of political parties in PH- (ABS CBN)

No extension of voters’ registration after Sept. 30, 2024 — Comelec- (Inquirer)

LENTE: Politicians at ayuda distributions, grad rites 'should be ashamed'- (ABS CBN)

Comelec bans service provider from communicating with pols, parties- (Philstar)

Comelec nears target of 3 million new voters for 2025- (Inquirer)

‘Comelec to meet new voters target for 2025 polls’- (Philstar)

Comelec to toughen rule on candidate substitution- (Inquirer)

Foreign hackers threaten PH polls- (Manila Times)

WATCH: South Korean tech firm ensures accuracy, reliability of system
in 2025 elections- (Manila Times)

Testing of poll materials- (Manila Standard)

Lakas, NP welcome Marcos alliance for 2025 polls- (GMA News)

2.5 million voters register for 2025 polls – Comelec- (Philstar)

Comelec inks P1.4B SETS deal- (Manila Times)


April 2024

Comelec says premature campaigning will be prohibited in 2025 midterm polls- (Rappler)

Transmission for midterm elections cannot be hacked: Comelec- (ABS CBN)

Comelec sets demo for vote counting machines- (Philstar)

Comelec expects 20,000 voting machines by August- (Inquirer)

Results of 2022 polls accurate – Comelec- (Manila Times)

'Our devices can deliver better,' says Miru exec- (GMA News)

Voter registrants reach 2.2M- (Manila Times)

Comelec eyes delisting party-list groups that failed to win in past 2 polls- (GMA News)

Partylist groups sa 2025 elections, babawasan ng Comelec- (Philstar)

Comelec ready to face charges over AES deal- (Manila Times)

Comelec’s Garcia ready to face possible impeachment case- (Philstar)

3 Comelec officials inspect counting machine plant in Korea- (GMA News)

Comelec to proceed with Miru deal for 2025 polls- (Philstar)

Comelec says it will appeal SC ruling on Smartmatic ban- (Inquirer)

Comelec looks set to hit goal of 3M new voters- (Inquirer)

Supreme Court: Comelec wrong to ban Smartmatic from future PH election contracts- (Inquirer)

Nearly 2 million register for 2025 polls – Comelec- (Philstar)

Comelec to use 'sent-to-all' transmission system for 2025 polls- (ABS CBN)

Comelec awards iOne, Ardent Networks the transmission deal for 2025 polls- (Inquirer)

Pols' propaganda materials can’t be removed yet - Comelec- (Philstar)

Comelec: Overseas voting via internet to improve turnout, cost- (Inquirer)

Voting machine customization starts April 18 – Comelec- (Philstar)

EXPLAINER: The blemished reputation abroad of Miru, Comelec’s 2025 voting
machine supplier- (Rappler)

Filipinos must register gadgets for online voting- (Manila Times)

Comelec OKs hardware modifications in automated counting machines- (Inquirer)

Poll chief: Only 14 party-list groups accredited for 2025 polls so far- (ABS CBN)

Comelec: Lowest computed bid for overseas voting system emerges- (Inquirer)

Pinoys overseas reminded to register for 2025 elections- (Philstar)

Comelec holds 2nd bidding for online voting system- (Manila Times)

March 2024

Comelec says systems can thwart foreign interference- (Philstar)

Comelec setting up defenses vs possible cyber attacks in 2025 polls- (Inquirer)

Comelec targets 3 million registered overseas Filipinos for midterm polls- (ABS CBN)

Comelec gets 1.52M new voter applications- (Inquirer)

Celebrities not exempt from premature campaign ban- (Philstar)

Comelec to institutionalize RAP- (Manila Times)

Miru’s local partner under scrutiny over expired license, ties with blacklisted firm- (Rappler)

Poll automation contractor to address issues in Senate hearing- (Inquirer)

Hontiveros questions ‘disturbing’ Comelec contract with S. Korean firm- (ABS CBN)

Comelec: 2025 voter list to contain voters’ photos- (Philstar)

Comelec cites pros of mall voting in 2025- (Inquirer)

Comelec, nagtakda ng voting hours sa seniors, PWDs at buntis sa 2025 polls- (Philstar)

Comelec ready to hold demo for 2025 poll machines- (Philstar)

SC junks petition to compel Comelec consultation on AES- (GMA News)

Comelec to open source code to public - (Manila Times)

Comelec: Preparations for 2025 polls to proceed- (Philstar)

Solons hit Comelec for not getting the side of Miru Systems’ foreign critics- (Inquirer)

Comelec obtained certification backing Miru's credibility, track record — Garcia- (GMA News)

Comelec Muntinlupa holds special voter registration for women - (Manila Bulletin)

Comelec: Still no bidders for overseas online voting system- (Inquirer)

Plebiscite ahead of May 2025 polls unlikely – Comelec- (Philstar)

Voters registration applications hit 910,000- (Inquirer)

PNP starts security preparations for 2025 midterm elections - (Manila Standard)

2nd bidding for online voting and counting system set - (Manila Times)

February 2024

Comelec: iOne joint venture offers lowest bid for 2025 polls transmission services- (GMA News)

Comelec: Around 750,000 new registrants for 2025 elections- (Inquirer)

No hindrance to plebiscite, elections – Comelec - (Manila Times)

What can the Philippines learn from how AI was used in Indonesia’s 2024 election? - (Rappler)

COMELEC: Longer ballots for 2025 polls and ChaCha plebiscite- (ABS CBN)

Comelec resets bid submission for SETS- (Philstar)

Comelec to conduct Congress demo of Miru's automated poll system in March- (GMA News)

Poll watchdog seeks details from Comelec on poll project with Miru- (ABS CBN)

Korean firm Miru wins top 2025 election contract, replacing Smartmatic - (Rappler)

Decision on counting machines out this week - (Manila Times)

Bidders for overseas online voting system ineligible – Comelec- (Inquirer)

Comelec: Over 340,000 new voters registered from Feb 12 to 17- (Inquirer)

Kontra Daya urges Comelec to recount ballots in 2022 polls- (GMA News)

Comelec extends deadline for e-vote bid submission- (Philstar)

Comelec readies charges vs 100K multiple registrants- (Business Mirror)

Comelec: We can detect, penalize multiple registration of voters- (ABS CBN)

Comelec eyes 5% increase in registered voters for 2025 polls- (Rappler)

Registration for 2025 polls begins; Comelec targets 3M new voters- (GMA News)

Comelec mulls return of voter’s ID amid clamor - (Manila Standard)

Vote-buying most common irregularity during BSKE- (Philstar)

Comelec suspends voter's certification fee collection- (GMA News)

Comelec eyes issuing voter’s IDs anew- (Philstar)

Filinvest Malls and COMELEC Launch Register Anywhere Program - (Manila Standard)

Group calls on Comelec to be transparent in post-qualification evaluation of AES- (GMA News)

Comelec: More time to bid for OVCS- (Philstar)

Comelec: Voter’s certification for free starting Feb. 12- (Inquirer)

Comelec waives voter certification fee- (Philstar)

LIST: Valid IDs, procedure for voter registration on Feb. 12, 2024- (Inquirer)

Comelec declares Feb. 12 as National Voter's Day- (GMA News)

January 2024

Comelec to start voters registration on February 12- (Philstar)

Comelec shifts to voter listup for 2025 polls- (Manila Standard)

Gomez: Comelec must cleanse voters' list ahead of 2024 registration - (Manila Bulletin)

Focus on 2025 elections, Escudero tells Comelec- (Manila Standard)

Comelec tests ballot boxes of Miru, lone bidder for 2025 polls- (ABS CBN)

Comelec allots P1.64 billion for automated poll system- (Philstar)

Comelec: Only 1 bidder, so far, for online overseas voting deal- (Inquirer)

SC asks Comelec to submit party-list groups whose nominees were
allowed to withdraw- (GMA News)

Comelec rejects longer voters’ registration period- (Inquirer)

Cha-cha to derail polls preparation- (Manila Times)

Comelec assures voters of ‘complete transparency’ in 2025 elections- (Inquirer)

‘Comelec can’t do two big tasks simultaneously’- (Manila Standard)

Comelec starts bid for online voting- (Inquirer)

SC: Comelec may be compelled to disclose VCM transmission diagram- (GMA News)

SC: Comelec must exercise transparency- (Manila Times)

Comelec allots ₱465-M for internet voting system for overseas voters- (CNN)

DBM: Comelec can tap P12B addt’l fund if Cha-cha pushes through- (GMA News)

No extension of party-list registration deadline – Comelec- (Philstar)

104 groups to join party-list race- (Manila Times)

Comelec expecting 3 million new voters ahead of 2025 polls- (Inquirer)

Charter change-related? Comelec’s 2024 budget for plebiscites surged by P12 billion- (Rappler)

SoKor firm still sole bidder in Comelec’s 2025 automated system- (Inquirer)

Election failure sa 2024 midterm polls, ibinabala- (Philstar)

Comelec sets 2nd round of bidding for 2025 AES- (Manila Times)

Voter registration ‘likely’ resumes February- (Philstar)