Philippine Election News
January 2010
December 2009







Smartmatic vows faster delivery  - (Inquirer)

Nationalista Party vice mayoral candidate in Surigao del Norte shot  - (Philstar)

Politicians spend holidays on the campaign trail  - (Inquirer)

QTV: Over 7,000 of 82,200 ordered PCOS machines arrive for 2010 polls - (GMA News)

Comelec: Low turnout on last day of extended voters’ listup - (GMA News)

Less than 600K overseas votes seen in 2010 - (GMA News)

NPC won’t back any presidential bet –official  - (Inquirer)

Nacionalista Party councilor bet killed, 8 wounded in Ilocos ambush  - (Philstar)

Atienza quits DENR to push Manila comeback  - (Inquirer)

Gibo ratings to surge in campaign period-Lakas execs - (Inquirer)

Year ends with less than 10% of counting machines delivered - (ABS CBN)

Comelec calm despite delay in PCOS delivery - (GMA News)

PSA: Automated polls a disaster waiting to happen - (ABS CBN)

Train us now on automated polls, teachers urge Comelec - (Manila Bulletin)

Perlas, Jimenez defend presidential bids - (GMA News)

Marcos-led party adopts singer, retired cop for 2010 polls - (GMA News)

Comelec hears disqualification cases - (GMA News)

Only 2 days left for voter registration  - (Inquirer)

Comelec reports low turnout of registrants  - (Philstar)

Solon assails 200-voter cap in registration  - (Inquirer)

Villar: I’m closing the gap  - (Inquirer)

Train us now on automated polls, teachers urge Comelec - (Manila Bulletin)

2 Castillos contesting Bacoor mayoral race - (Manila Bulletin)

4 of 5 Taytay bets surnamed Calderon - (Manila Bulletin)

Miriam to bring disqualification issue to Arroyo - (GMA News)

2010 guidelines out  - (Manila Bulletin)

Poll exec: 2 more may make it to list of presidential hopefuls - (GMA News)

Gordon lashes out at automation critics - (Manila Bulletin)

2010 presidential bets spend Christmas with Albay evacuees, family - (GMA News)

Lakas banks on big party machinery, 10M votes  - (Inquirer)

Good choice, not automation, will solve election woes: Rosales - (ABS CBN)

Military chief favors early ARMM elections  - (Inquirer)

Expect a ‘surprising’ decision on Panlilio’s case - Comelec exec - (GMA News)

Communist group says Villar more ‘patriotic and progressive’  - (Inquirer)

GMA, Erap lawyers belittle disqualification bid - (Malaya)

Palace refutes poll fund claims - (Philstar)

Melo: Ready or not, ballots will be printed as scheduled - (Malaya)

Pacquiao defends move to join NP  - (Inquirer)

Jinggoy, Bong, Miriam lead bets - (Philstar)

Army chief cool to use of troops as politicians' bodyguards - (Philstar)

Assessing 2010 Elections Automation in the Philippines - Detailing the Technology,
Process & People Risks - (ABS CBN)

Voters may reach 50-million mark - (Manila Bulletin)

Lawyer wants Miriam Santiago banned from senatorial race due to 'mental problems' - (GMA News)

Villar, Erap catching up with Noynoy - (ABS CBN)

Perlas challenges Comelec disqualification ruling - (GMA News)

Confusion mars first day of extended voter registration in some provinces -
(GMA News)

'Budget for 2010 loaded with election funds' - (Philstar)

Comelec ready for extended voter registration - (GMA News)

Comelec urged to print exact number of ballots - (ABS CBN)

Gonzales seeks more active AFP role in polls  - (Inquirer)

Aquino-Roxas tandem leads MBC's election survey - (GMA News)

DND says politicians stockpiling weapons - (Manila Bulletin)

ARMM governors oppose extended voter's registration - (Philstar)

Ninoy Aquino brother joins nephew’s campaign as ‘guru’ - (Inquirer)

‘Pacquiao rejected last-minute Lakas-Kampi nomination’  - (Inquirer)

Arroyo run for Congress spurs Kit Tatad’s own bid for Senate - (Inquirer)

'Gibo' joins calls for ARMM abolition - (Manila Bulletin)

Mercado picks new vice mayoral bet to boost 2010 bid  - (Inquirer)

Keon says facing cousin Imee Marcos in race ‘sad’ - (Inquirer)

Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho: Presidential aspirants show talent in cooking - (
GMA News)

Partylist groups have until March for nominees—Comelec - (Inquirer)

Extended poll registration only for first time voters - (ABS CBN)

Pacquiao endorses Villar - (ABS CBN)

It’s final: No party list for gays - (Malaya)

QTV: Woman judge to handle Ampatuan massacre case - (GMA News)

Jamby’s a nuisance candidate, says Alan  - (Inquirer)

Comelec told: Be ready for manual polls  - (Malaya)

Automated polls to push through - Sarmiento   - (Philstar)

Real reason for poll counting machines delay bared - (ABS CBN)

Comelec bans armed bodyguards for 2010 candidates  - (Inquirer)

Full automation iginiit ng kongresista sa ARMM - (GMA News)

Comelec warned of dire consequences of ‘No Election’  - (Manila Bulletin)

Saksi: Extending voters reg might delay automation sked by a month  - (GMA News)

Candidates excluded in Comelec's partial list demand explanation  - (GMA News)

Comelec: Smartmatic-TIM won't be fined yet - (ABS CBN)

Extended voters registration starts next week  - (Inquirer)

Comelec bares new voter registration schedule  - (Manila Bulletin)

Interviews on 'extension' of voters registration to Jan. 9  - (GMA News)

Aquino still No. 1 but Villar, Teodoro ratings up  - (Inquirer)

QTV: SC extends voter registration until Jan. 9, 2010 - (GMA News)

Comelec OKs candidacies of 8 presidential, 8 VP, 58 senatorial bets - (GMA News)

Arroyo defends martial law - (Manila Bulletin)

Rescind poll automation contract due to delays: CCM - (ABS CBN)

91 kandidatong presidente sa 2010 polls tinapyas ng Comelec - (GMA News)

Villar seeks more help for teachers  - (Manila Bulletin)

Make IRA an election issue, local execs asked - (Manila Bulletin)

Ocampo, Maza to run with Marcos under Villar’s NP  - (Inquirer)

GMA to defend ‘1959’  - (Manila Bulletin)

Senate declares martial law proclamation unconstitutional   - (Philstar)

Production delays of voting machines dog Comelec - (ABS CBN)

NPC formalizes support for Legarda but not for Villar - (GMA News)

Nationalist People’s Coalition fields only 2 Senate bets  - (Inquirer)

Congress leaves martial law alone  - (Inquirer)

DND's Gonzales wants ARMM elections held in May 2010 - (GMA News)

Gina de Venecia joins NPC, seeks House seat - (GMA News)

Partial list of qualified 2010 bets out Tuesday - Comelec - (GMA News)

QTV: FPJ's daughter on backing out of 2010 senatorial race - (GMA News)

Congress to wrap up joint session - (Inquirer)

Maguindanao residents return to their homes after martial law is lifted - (GMA News)

High Court ruling needed despite martial law lifting   - (Manila Times)

PNP allots P25-million reward for arrest of Maguindanao massacre suspects   - (Philstar)

Noynoy lead cut down in new survey by The Center - (GMA News)

Some political analysts still dissatisfied despite lifting of martial law - (GMA News)

Zaldy Ampatuan rejoices over lifting of martial law - (GMA News)

Martial law lifting won’t affect AFP operations - (Manila Bulletin)

Archbishop: Shortened martial law to prolong Maguindanao agony - (GMA News)

Juan on One with Bro. Eddie Villanueva [1] - (ABS CBN)

‘Presidentiables’ express concern on martial rule in Maguindanao  - (Manila Bulletin)

Noli picks Mar Roxas over Edu - (ABS CBN)

Comelec inspects China PCOS factory for 2010 automated elections - (GMA News)

Move to put town in Lanao Norte under Comelec control opposed - (GMA News)

Team concludes inspection of PCOS machines in China - (ABS CBN)

Naga's Robredo: I am the next target of Comelec  - (GMA News)

Comelec to push for early polls in ARMM, poll hotspots - (ABS CBN)

Monsod, militants join martial law suits in SC - (Malaya)

Comelec team in China to inspect poll machines production - (ABS CBN)

New ARMM governor sworn in - (Malaya)

Saksi: GMA Network voter ed jingle, ringtone version, now out - (GMA News)

QTV: Convoy carrying firearms, ammo from Ampatuan mansions ambushed -
(GMA News)

Muslim group supports evangelist candidate  - (Inquirer)

‘GMA need not attend joint session’  - (Manila Bulletin)

QTV: Comelec to probe voter's ID recovered near Ampatuan house- (GMA News)

Among Ed supporters start vigil on poll case  - (Inquirer)

Cagayan execs declare full backing for Teodoro  - (Inquirer)

QTV: Martial law in Maguindanao may be lifted before Christmas - AFP - (GMA News)

PPCRV rejects martial law extension - (Manila Bulletin)

Heated discussions start Congress's joint session - (ABS CBN)

Comelec: 49.1 million voters so far   - (Philstar)

Comelec to contest SC decision on appointive officials - (GMA News)

3,000 voters' IDs seized in Ampatuan backyard - (ABS CBN)

Ermita to run for Congress - (Inquirer)

Comelec to give higher compensation to teachers in 2010 polls - (GMA News)

Melo urges military to turn over Maguindanao ballot boxes  - (Philstar)

Noli backs proposed early voting in Maguindanao  - (Manila Bulletin)

Joint session highlights dynasties in Congress  - (Inquirer)

Thousands of voter’s IDs found in Ampatuan mansion - (Inquirer)

No Supreme Court TRO on martial law  - (Philstar)

Nacionalista Party breaks alliance with Kilusang Bagong Lipunan  - (Philstar)

SC tells Erap oppositors: Go to Comelec - (Malaya)

Supreme Court dismisses disqualification case vs Erap   - (Philstar)

Disseminate data on voters’ list—Comelec urged - (Inquirer)

Comelec unseats Padaca as governor of Isabela- (GMA News)

Disqualification case filed vs Richard Gomez in Leyte - (Manila Bulletin)

Masbate vice mayoral candidate shot by gunmen - (ABS CBN)

Comelec wants Maguindanao ballot boxes - (Inquirer)

Campaign for honest elections in RP launched in Austria - (ABS CBN)

Palace dismisses test case scenario  - (Philstar)

No-El because of ML? No way, says Comelec  - (Malaya)

Disqualification cases filed vs GMA - (Philstar)

Escudero's father, Duranos to run under LP  - (Philstar)

Mindanao politicians see level playing field  - (Philstar)

AFP: We can do it without martial law - (Malaya)

'147 votes needed to revoke martial law'  - (Philstar)

GMA Network unveils Sexbombs doing voter education - (GMA News)

Magsaysays take on Gordons in Olongapo - (Manila Bulletin)

PNP lists 76 towns as election hot spots - (Manila Bulletin)

Poll watchdog wary of martial law in May 2010 - (Inquirer)

House cool to joint session - (Manila Bulletin)

Congress debate on martial law moved to Wednesday - (GMA News)

Martial law a test for 2010 polls? - (Philstar)

Govt faces tough questions over alliance with warlord - (ABS CBN)

Comelec ruling on Erap out soon - (Philstar)

Imelda, Imee not withdrawing from congressional, gubernatorial races - (Philstar)

Joker: Give poll automation a chance - (Philstar)

Garci, nine others face arrest - (Manila Bulletin)

Martial Law tied to poll cheating - (Manila Bulletin)

'Martial law to speed up poll automation preparations'   - (Philstar)

‘Brownouts won’t stop election automation’  - (Inquirer)

Davao priest runs for mayor, faces suspension - (Philstar)

QTV: (Part 1) Palace press conference on Maguindanao martial law - (GMA News)

Bongbong, Noynoy one in questioning martial law - (GMA News)

Full text: Arroyo's declaration of martial law in Maguindanao - (GMA News)

Villar claims he is better than Obama   - (Philstar)

Election spoils on the altar - (Inquirer)

Saksi: Pres. Arroyo hits back at her critics - (GMA News)

US newspaper lauds Teodoro for swift action on Maguindanao carnage  - (Philstar)

Poll: 52% may pick Church-backed candidate - (ABS CBN)

Juan on One: Erap says he's still famous - (ABS CBN)

Ampatuans get amparo writ  - (ABS CBN)

Comelec orders immediate relief of poll execs running in 2010 - (GMA News)

Comelec urged to teach about automated polls via the 'lotto way' - (GMA News)

Voters trust teachers will guide them on hi-tech voting - (ABS CBN)

Comelec exec in Maguindanao poll fraud remains missing - (GMA News)

Comelec exec in Maguindanao poll fraud remains missing - (GMA News)

7 presidential aspirants face nation in Harapan  - (ABS CBN)

Marcoses back; Imee runs vs cousin  - (Inquirer)

Villanueva expects 2010 victory a ‘miracle’  - (ABS CBN)

Comelec: 75 percent of COC filers “not serious"- (GMA News)

Rivals believe they have strong chance vs Arroyo in Pampanga - (GMA News)

Charter change up to GMA successor, next Congress - Nograles   - (Philstar)

CBCP: Some presidential aspirants asking for endorsement  - (GMA News)

FVR tells GMA: Resign  - (Manila Bulletin)

QTV: 3 other aspirants to challenge Arroyo in Pampanga's 2nd district  - (GMA News)

Automated election how-to's  - (Manila Bulletin)

Wannabe leaders: from serious to bizarre - (GMA News)

Pacman, Imelda file House bids  - (Philstar)

Jocjoc files CoC for Capiz gov - (Inquirer)

Deleted names in voters' list reported to BMPM in Cebu  - (ABS CBN)

Actor in comeback bid as Parañaque mayor - (Inquirer)

Rosales: PGMA has failed leadership test - (ABS CBN)

Gordon, Fernando announce tandem in 2010 polls  - (GMA News)

Mark Jimenez also running for president   - (Philstar)

Vilma Santos, Boyet de Leon, Ermitas file CoCs in Batangas  - (Inquirer)

QTV: Teodoro, Manzano file respective COCs at Comelec  - (GMA News)

Revilla seeks reelection, maintains loyalty to Lakas-Kampi  - (GMA News)

Senator Jamby Madrigal file COC for president  - (GMA News)

November 2009

Saksi: Constitutionalist says Erap candidacy is a no-no, while Arroyo candidacy is ok  - (GMA News)

QTV: Music video to educate voters on automated polls released  - (GMA News)

Erap: I'm eligible to run - (Manila Bulletin)

Cheers, jeers at Comelec on penultimate day of COC filing  - (ABS CBN)

Arroyo bid for House seat slammed as 'dangerous move'- (GMA News)

Aspirants from religious groups join 2010 race - (ABS CBN)

QTV: Arroyo announces Pampanga congressional bid  - (GMA News)

Dolphy among celebrities in Villar proclamation rally - (GMA News)

JIL's Eddie Villanueva, party-mates file COC - (GMA News)

Arroyo to decide on congressional seat by lunch - (Inquirer)

CNN's Amanpour: Journalists in danger - (ABS CBN)

Massacre witnesses to be in Gibo's custody - (ABS CBN)

Devanadera: Ampatuan Jr was arrested, did not surrender - (ABS CBN)

Ex-cabinet men gather in force to support Erap bid - (GMA News)

Massacre highlights need for early ARMM voting - (ABS CBN)

QTV: Liberal Party members file COCs - (GMA News)

Helicopter carrying Ampatuan Jr fired at, Dureza claims - (GMA News)

Military takes over Maguindanao capitol - (ABS CBN)

Members of AFP's 6th ID, PNP secure Maguindanao Capitol - (GMA News)

Palace: 'No untouchables' in the pursuit of justice for massacre victims - (GMA News)

Comelec to hear Erap, Binay petitions - (Philstar)

Comelec scored for alleged bias on Ang Ladlad  - (Philstar)

QTV: Death toll in Maguindanao massacre now 59 - (GMA News)

Ampatuans must surrender suspect today—Palace  - (Inquirer)

SC says infomercials before campaign period legal - (GMA News)

Lakas-Kampi CMD expels Ampatuans - (ABS CBN)

NPC ‘at a loss’ after Escudero exit – Durano  - (Inquirer)

Over 40 Pasig officials leave Lakas, join Villar’s NP   - (Inquirer)

Saksi: Maguindanao massacre body count rises to 46 - (GMA News)

Noynoy, Mar want Chiz in LP - (Inquirer)

PPCRV challenges cops: Show some teeth, go after suspects - (Inquirer)

Death in the air at Maguindanao 'killing field' - (ABS CBN)

Satur Ocampo atras na sa NP dahil kay Marcos - (GMA News)

QTV: Noynoy's girlfriend Shalani Soledad, Richard Gomez are new LP recruits
(GMA News)

No Comelec control yet for Maguindanao - Melo - (GMA News)

Massacre is single biggest loss of life of journalists - (Manila Bulletin)

Arroyo declares state of emergency in Maguindanao, Sultan Kudarat - (ABS CBN)

Kris, Sharon supporting cast: Gov Vilma takes her oath as LP's new recruit - (GMA News)

25 presidential wannabes...and counting - (ABS CBN)

Comelec issues 2010 election guidelines - (Manila Bulletin)

Escudero abandons 2010 presidential bid - (GMA News)

At least 30 dead in Maguindanao massacre - (ABS CBN)

Live interview with Col. Romeo Brawner Jr. on Maguindanao massacre - (GMA News)

Press groups condemn Maguindanao massacre  - (Inquirer)

At least 21 killed in suspected poll-related violence in Maguindanao - (GMA News)

Comelec: 2010 bets in MMFF could be disqualified - (GMA News)

Erap: Villar robbing PMP of members - (ABS CBN)

Pacman declares 'Champ' local bets - (Philstar)

Three-way mayoralty fight seen in Manila - (ABS CBN)

Atienza: Pacquiao will back my presidential bet - (ABS CBN)

'JC,' Ang Kapatiran bets file COCs - (ABS CBN)

'It's difficult to honor prisoners’ right-to-vote' - (ABS CBN)

LP exec confirms meeting between Noynoy, Escudero - (GMA News)

Lakas-Kampi faces ‘big bang’ crash - (Inquirer)

Lakas originals supporting Ebdane, supporter claims - (GMA News)

Ocampo, Maza eye run as independent bets - (Inquirer)

Palace official cautions Pacquiao vs joining NP - (GMA News)

Pacman: Sarangani or bust - (Manila Bulletin)

Erap, Binay show fine running form - (Manila Bulletin)

Villar: My mom has higher integrity - (ABS CBN)

Party-list groups ordered to bare nominees - (GMA News)

Erap forms legal panel to defend his 2010 poll bid vs disqualification - (GMA News)

Bongbong pasok kay Villar: Alyansa ng NP, KBL sinelyuhan - (GMA News)

Marcos party joins forces with Villar’s NP - (Inquirer)

Early birds: 'Emperor of the World' tatakbong pangulo sa 2010 polls - (GMA News)

BF leaves Lakas-Kampi-CMD - (ABS CBN)

Comelec all set for first day of filing of COCs - (GMA News)

President launches Gibo's presidential bid - (Manila Times)

Gibo: The presidency or retirement in 2010 - (ABS CBN)

LDP backs Legarda, 7 senatorial bets - (Inquirer)

Saksi: Chiz Escudero to pursue his 2010 electoral bid - (GMA News)

Imee, Irene talk about Bongbong's campaign - (ABS CBN)

I’m tired of Mafia in LP, says Serge Osmeña - (Inquirer)

Tito Sotto quits drugs board to run for senator - (Inquirer)

Arroyo boasts 70% of elected officials belong to Lakas-Kampi-CMD - (GMA News)

Comelec opens books Friday - (Inquirer)

Arroyo twits opposition on ‘hakot’ crowd  - (Inquirer)

VP De Castro still mum on 2010 plans - (GMA News)

Lakas-Kampi CMD unfazed by defections - (ABS CBN)

Proclamation of Gibo-Edu tandem set during Lakas-Kampi-CMD national convention -
(GMA News)

Palace tells Teodoro: Be more visible, audible - (Inquirer)

Lakas-Kampi stages show of force today  - (Philstar)

Palace ready to replace Bayani Fernando at MMDA - (GMA News)

Angara: LDP only backing Legarda - (Inquirer)

2010 candidates set to file COCs starting tomorrow  - (Philstar)

QTV: Ex-lawmaker discovers 'fictitious voters' - (GMA News)

17 Cabinet men seen running in 2010 polls  - (Inquirer)

Lakas-Kampi-CMD senatorial bets - (GMA News)

CBCP supports Comelec decision on 'Ang Ladlad'; claims no discrimination -
(Manila Bulletin)

Comelec taps 400,000 teachers for 2010 polls - (GMA News)

(UPDATE) Lakas stalwart Belmonte to jump to LP - (ABS CBN)

Osmeña bolts LP senatorial ticket - (ABS CBN)

Signal strength in polling areas still unknown - (ABS CBN)

Lakas exec, 2 others join LP - (Inquirer)

Army chief pledges neutrality in 2010 polls - (ABS CBN)

With Villar-Loren tandem, is Noli quitting politics? - (ABS CBN)

Interview with Comelec spokesperson James Jimenez on 2010 polls - (GMA News)

Next for Pacman: Congress in 2010 - (Philstar)

Fernando to resign from post to pursue presidential bid - (Philstar)

Bongbong willing to run under Noynoy's Senate slate - (Philstar)

QTV: Presidential contenders attend 'Isang Tanong' forum - (GMA News)

It’s official: Villar declares team-up with Legarda  - (Inquirer)

Claudio: Villar-Loren tandem malakas pero… - (GMA News)

Comelec warns politicians vs premature campaigning - (GMA News)

Saksi: Loren is most probably Villar's running mate - (GMA News)

Comelec: Many gays in Congress; no need for Ang Ladlad - (Inquirer)

Cojuangcos meet today to discuss fate of Luisita  - (Inquirer)

Legarda: NP, NPC to announce 'great alliance' - (ABS CBN)

House bill wants acting president in case of poll failure - (Philstar)

'Military to work for clean elections'  - (Philstar)

Comelec conducts voting process simulation - (GMA News)

New defense chief Gonzales allays 'No-El' fears - (GMA News)

LP formalizes Aquino-Roxas tandem, 9 senatorial bets - (ABS CBN)

Ate Vi bolts Lakas - (Manila Bulletin)

Muslim group sees peace with Noynoy - (Manila Bulletin)

Villar to announce tandem with Loren - (ABS CBN)

Poll exec: 'To be moral is not old-fashioned' - (ABS CBN)

Comelec: slain Isabela poll official may have 'made enemies' - (GMA News)

'If they win, Noynoy, Mar to lift EO 464' - (Philstar)

Ralph Recto, Vilma Santos to join Liberal Party  - (Inquirer)

Cast of choices - (Inquirer)

Gonzales’ appointment revives ‘no-el’ fears - (GMA News)

Police nab 2 suspects in killing of Isabela poll officer  - (ABS CBN)

Comelec goes hi-tech in poll info drive - (ABS CBN)

Erap surprised by Edu's decision to run in 2010 as admin VP bet - (GMA News)

No stopping Bongbong's senatorial bid - (ABS CBN)

BIR issues campaign tax guidelines  - (Philstar)

Priest, girlie bar owner form tandem for 2010 polls - (Philstar)

Erap running for re-election to repay debt of gratitude to poor - (Philstar)

Romualdezes, other clans to dominate E. Visayas elections   - (Inquirer)

Admin party splinters in Iloilo - (Inquirer)

Other VP aspirants ready to challenge Manzano in 2010 - (GMA News)

My running mate is an incumbent senator – Villar - (GMA News)

One last attempt for Bayani - (Manila Bulletin)

QTV: Sen. Villar twits Sen. Aquino on SCTEX issue - (GMA News)

Issues about ballots discussed in a meet for poll preparations - (GMA News)

Edu Manzano is Gibo's VP - (ABS CBN)

Exodus to LP continues; Lina, Panlilio join bandwagon  - (Inquirer)

Lakas seen as 'party of the future' under Teodoro - (Philstar)

Ocampo, Maza eye Senate, presidential bet to support - (Inquirer)

Comelec bars gays in House on grounds of ‘immorality’ (Inquirer)

QTV: LP swears in Pampanga gov Ed Panilio, Laguna gov Joey Lina - (GMA News)

'Poll-topping Noynoy now a victim of character assassination' - (GMA News)

Daan patungong Malacanang ‘di magiging madali – Roxas - (GMA News)

'Comelec making CCM scapegoat for poll preparation delay' - (ABS CBN)

LP, NP engage in tug-of-war - (ABS CBN)

Ruling party looks at Sen. Zubiri as VP bet - (Manila Times)

NP, LP fortifying ranks for 2010 polls - (GMA News)

Willie ends speculations, won't enter 2010 circus - (ABS CBN)

Admin coalition eyeing makeover of image  - (Inquirer)

Next president should be like seaworthy ship - FVR  - (Philstar)

Will Cojuangcos unite for Noynoy? - (ABS CBN)

Chiz, Noynoy touch base - (ABS CBN)

'Rizal Amang' visits Comelec, says he'll run for president in 2010 - (GMA News)

Arroyo leads Lakas-Kampi-CMD meeting - (GMA News)

Comelec to use color-coded ballots in 2010 polls - (GMA News)

Saksi: Loren and Vilma now ruled out as Gibo VP mates - (GMA News)

Wanted: 50,000 techies to man poll machines  - (Inquirer)

US wants transparent RP polls, smooth transition - (Philstar)

Lakas gives up on Legarda as VP - (Inquirer)

Comelec vows fraud-free automated elections - (Philstar)

Transport group backs Erap 2010 bid - (Manila Bulletin)

Noynoy: I've got more Facebook friends than Chiz - (ABS CBN)

Noynoy does an 'Obama', taps new media - (ABS CBN)

GMA presidential forum set - (GMA News)

QTV: Erap, Enrile cast votes in mock poll - (GMA News)

Comelec releases general instructions draft for 2010 polls - (GMA News)

Palace confident Comelec will deliver on automation - (Manila Bulletin)

Poll preparations behind by a month - Comelec - (GMA News)

Senate OKs plunder raps vs Ebdane, Puno - (Philstar)

RP govt probes ammunition from Israel - (GMA News)

Arroyo to announce resignation from Lakas-Kampi - (Philstar)

To avoid 2010 battle, half-sis asks PGMA to give way - (GMA News)

Villar running mate, senatorial bets out in 10 days - (GMA News)

Lacson confirms VP offer from Escudero - (Inquirer)

Misuari mulls another crack at Sulu gubernatorial race - (GMA News)

Melo doubts teachers' mass leave on election day - (ABS CBN)

Gordon: No call to look for ‘ghosts’ on automation - (Manila Bulletin)

SC told: Poll automation contract breached - (ABS CBN)

Hitches in delivery of poll machines give Comelec chief sleepless nights - (Manila Bulletin)

Melo airs concern on delivery, configuration of poll machines - (GMA News)

Clinton, Arroyo to take up 2010 polls - (ABS CBN)

It’s possible NPC won’t have presidential bet  - (Inquirer)

Noynoy dares Villar to answer allegations against him - (Philstar)

Bare nominees, Comelec tells party-list groups - (Inquirer)

'GMA can't be compelled to quit presidency if she runs' - (Philstar)

PNP to tighten grip on loose firearms - (ABS CBN)

Comelec urged to monitor political ads in Pacquiao fight - (Inquirer)

Critics of campaign tax told: Go to Comelec, not the media - (GMA News)

QTV: Allies mull vice presidential bid for Arroyo - (GMA News)

Malacañang: Why the fuss over poll tax?  - (Inquirer)

Gibo-Loren tandem could be bloody for locals - (ABS CBN)

‘A dangerous proposition’ - (Manila Bulletin)

Poll machines unable to detect flying voters - (Manila Bulletin)

Nograles to Gordon: Name 2010 poll saboteurs - (GMA News)

Aside from Gibo-Noynoy, another Cojuangco showdown looms - (ABS CBN)

Comelec to send team to China to inspect manufacturing of poll machines - (GMA News)

PNP: Disqualify bets with multiple escorts - (Philstar)

Fear of failure of elections still hangs - Escudero - (ABS CBN)

After Noynoy, Erap to utilize 'star power,' too - (ABS CBN)

To run or not to run? Escudero remains undecided - (Inquirer)

Palace flip-flops on extension - (Manila Bulletin)

Comelec split on campaign tax - (ABS CBN)

New BIR chief to start collecting campaign tax - (Philstar)

Politicians told: Use funds for aid, not streamers - (Inquirer)

Saksi: Bongbong: Erap must equal or surpass Noynoy's 'star power' - (GMA News)

Comelec: It’s final, voter registration over - (Inquirer)

Saksi: NPC's VP bet Loren up for grabs between Villar and Teodoro? - (GMA News)

Bong Revilla eyed as Gibo running mate  - (Philstar)

No midnight sale of government assets - Palace - (Philstar)

Comelec urged: Let showbiz politicians work after filing - (ABS CBN)

CHR asks Comelec to allow prisoners to vote in 2010 polls - (Inquirer)

Comelec extends filing of COC for 2010 polls - (GMA News)

2010 ballot box to exclude rejected ballots - (Philstar)

'NPC can deliver swing vote in 2010' - (ABS CBN)

Registrants who skipped biometrics should come back today - Comelec - (Philstar)

Napocor needs P6B to ensure stable power supply during polls - (ABS CBN)

Comelec opens ballot printing to watchdog checks - (Inquirer)

Villar-Legarda tandem in the works? - (ABS CBN)

NPC still claims to draw new members - (Inquirer)

Lacson supports Escudero decision to go independent - (GMA News)

Special registration for 2010 polls to push through Tuesday - (GMA News)

Aquino twits Villar: Where’s your partner?  - (Inquirer)

Arroyo ally sees ruling party breakup - (Inquirer)

Lakas to hold convention on Nov. 19 - (Philstar)

October 2009

Legarda rejects calls for presidential bid in 2010 - (Inquirer)

Danding, Mark Cojuangco slighted by Escudero resignation from NPC - (GMA News)

The man without a party says no to Teodoro, Villar - (Inquirer)

No offer for Escudero to join Lakas - Palace - (Philstar)

Townmates want Arroyo to run, says Palace  - (Inquirer)

Villar open to Chiz or Loren as vice president - (Philstar)

Noynoy coming up with own infomercials  - (Philstar)

PMP backs Erap bid for 2010 - (Manila Bulletin)

Comelec exec personally witnesses long lines in voter registration - (GMA News)

Noynoy: LP open to coalition with NPC - (ABS CBN)

Chiz Escudero to run for president as an independent candidate? - (GMA News)

NPC wants explanation from Escudero on his resignation from the party - (GMA News)

Registered voters urged to check status with Comelec - (GMA News)

Chiz: I need time to decide - (ABS CBN)

P5-B campaign funding may have led to split - (Inquirer)

Comelec chief warned vs allowing Erap to file candidacy - (Philstar)

690 centenarians in Taguig voters’ list  - (Inquirer)

Comelec asks Supreme Court to junk petition vs GMA bid - (Philstar)

Party-mates surprised by Escudero's decision to leave NPC - (GMA News)

GMA can run next year – Palace exec - (Manila Bulletin)

Chiz Escudero bolts NPC - (GMA News)

Chiz to run for president; network in place - (ABS CBN)

QTV: Noynoy knows what Chiz is going through - (GMA News)

NGOs still unconvinced of ‘fraud-free’ automated polls - (GMA News)

Let 'Erap' run, says Palace - (Manila Times)

Saksi: Comelec junks Lozano petition for Erap's disqualification - (GMA News)

Escudero may detonate ‘bombshell’ today - (Inquirer)

Long lines? It’s your fault, Melo tells voters - (Inquirer)

Comelec rejects motion for reconsideration of JDV over Lakas-Kampi merger  - (Philstar)

Smartmatic, TIM to tap region-based cargo forwarders - (Philstar)

Loren: No talks with Chiz yet - (ABS CBN)

Comelec junks Magdalo's bid for accreditation - (GMA News)

GMANews.TV offers election guide for the interactive generation - (GMA News)

Saksi: Erap's name will be on ballot until SC has final decision - (GMA News)

Aquino fights for share in vote-rich Cavite - (ABS CBN)

Chiz not keen on Loren as vice president  - (Philstar)

Comelec's Dir. James Jimenez on last-minute registration - (GMA News)

Bayani Fernando not backing out from 2010 presidential race - (GMA News)

Comelec, BIR thresh out 5% campaign tax 'row' - (GMA News)

NP ready to keep alliance with other parties to get vice presidential bet - (Philstar)

Comelec official denies involvement in 2007 election anomalies - (GMA News)

Outgoing defense chief bids farewell to staff - (Inquirer)

Admin party still looking for VP bet - (Manila Bulletin)

Donations to political parties, bets not subject to taxation, says BIR - (Manila Bulletin)

Petition to disqualify Erap in 2010 polls filed with Comelec - (GMA News)

Comelec hit over short supply of voter registration forms - (GMA News)

Gibo-Gwen tandem emerging for Lakas - (Philstar)

Loren running with us - NPC - (Inquirer)

FVR: I can run again - (Philstar)

Magdalo group gives nod to Chiz 2010 presidential bid - (ABS CBN)

Would-be voters rush to register - (ABS CBN)

Backup protocol to ensure poll count–Comelec - (Inquirer)

Estrada seeks redemption in RP election - (ABS CBN)

Kris gets busy with Noynoy's candidacy - (ABS CBN)

2010 Polls: Wanted no. 2 ni Teodoro - (GMA News)

Pagkandidato sa eleksyon kukunan ng buwis - (GMA News)

Legarda 'desirable running mate' for Teodoro  - (Inquirer)

Estrada thanks supporters as he marks second year as a free man - (Manila Bulletin)

Villar gives clue on running mate - (ABS CBN)

Catholic Church hits Estrada stand on ‘jueteng’  - (Inquirer)

Student leaders encourage youth to register - (ABS CBN)

Saksi: Legality of Erap candidacy to be hotly debated in SC - (GMA News)

Escudero campaign manager set to join LP - (Inquirer)

Davide son leads charge for Aquino, Roxas in Cebu  - (Inquirer)

Teodoro to resign in November as Lakas-Kampi builds ticket  - (Manila Times)

Legarda to announce veep bid on Friday  - (Inquirer)

Garci boys not participating in 2010 polls - Melo - (Philstar)

Palace: Erap can't run - (Manila Bulletin)

Chief Justice Puno denies giving OK to Erap's presidential bid - (GMA News)

Lawyers Romulo Macalintal and Jose Flaminiano on Erap candidacy in 2010 polls
(GMA News)

Cojuangco confirms Chiz-Loren tandem - (ABS CBN)

Cebu's the place for Lakas-Kampi convention - (ABS CBN)

No room for ‘operators’ in 2010 polls - Comelec chief - (GMA News)

'Osmeñas endorse Noynoy, Mar' - (ABS CBN)

QTV: Legal debates hound Erap's plan to seek reelection in 2010 - (GMA News)

Saksi: Ex. Pres. Joseph Estrada calls his 2010 bid as his life's "last movie" - (GMA News)

Saksi: Malacañang reminds Erap of legal barriers to his candidacy - (GMA News)

Comelec extends hours to catch up with 1.2M unlisted voters  - (Inquirer)

Comelec expects .5 million more voters to register - (Philstar)

Legarda says no to Teodoro tandem   - (Inquirer)

Estrada starts bid for Palace return before 10,000 supporters - (Inquirer)

'No legal impediment to prevent GMA from running for Congress' - (Philstar)

Ebdane quits; Palace couldn't wait  - (Inquirer)

Ermita: Pardon bars Erap from running - (ABS CBN)

Erap-Binay tandem vows to be pro-poor and anti-corruption - (GMA News)

Danding to endorse Noynoy? - (Philstar)

Chiz: No to legalized jueteng - (Manila Bulletin)

Erap says he wants war vs. terrorism in RP - (Manila Bulletin)

Estrada declares bid to return to Malacañang - (ABS CBN)

'Errors' in Comelec reso on COC cited- (ABS CBN)

Lakas-Kampi-CMD sets nat'l meet on November 11 or 12 - (GMA News)

Nationalista Party 'raids' administration bailiwick - (Philstar)

'Erap' vows war vs. rebels - (Manila Times)

GMA still mum on 2010 plan - (Philstar)

Most aspirants pro-family planning, anti-abortin - (ABS CBN)

C-Cimpel eyes youth for 2010 elections - (Inquirer)

Application for joint party accreditation withdrawn - (Philstar)

Davide backed by dad as he exits today - (Inquirer)

Palace says Mrs. Arroyo eligible to run next year - (Manila Bulletin)

Final appeal to extend voters' registration - (ABS CBN)

SC slams appointments as politicians' carrot - (ABS CBN)

Supreme Court asked to stop mandatory resignation for polls  - (Philstar)

Voters' registration ends October 31 - Comelec - (Inquirer)

Erap, Binay to declare 2010 bid tomorrow - (Philstar)

CamSur gov, Naga mayor say redistricting 'won't push through' - (ABS CBN)

Pimentel quits political party of Binay - (Inquirer)

Loren dismisses reported tandem with DND's Teodoro in 2010 polls - (GMA News)

Comelec junks cockfighters' party-list bid - (GMA News)

Revilla's 'Ang Panday' may constitute premature campaigning - Comelec official
(GMA News)

2 govt execs ask SC to nullify Comelec rule on ‘candidates’ - (ABS CBN)

Legarda declares 2010 bid with NPC, but mum on post - (Inquirer)

Comelec OKs total gun ban during 2010 polls - (Inquirer)

Lapu-Lapu residents eager to vote in 2010 - (Inquirer)

Pro-Arroyo governors move to form grand coalition - (Inquirer)

Enrile: All systems go for Erap 'proclamation rally' - (GMA News)

Gibo-Loren tandem sa 2010 polls pinalutang ng adminsitrasyon - (GMA News)

Noynoy recruits groups, mulls local political alliances - (Inquirer)

Much at stake in automation for Smartmatic - (Manila Times)

Mar, Chiz, Loren top VP survey - SWS - (Philstar)

Noynoy, Villar, Erap top latest SWS poll - (Philstar)

'Agonizing' Legarda to bare 2010 plans next week - (GMA News)

Migrante party-list questions Comelec delisting - (Manila Bulletin)

Poll body bans Migrante, 25 others in 2010 polls - (Inquirer)

Roxas leads in VP poll - (ABS CBN)

New poll commissioners assume office - (GMA News)

Estrada, Binay see victory in next year's elections - (Philstar)

Voters registration booths set up in Makati mall, universtiy - (Inquirer)

Estrada: 'Yes, I will run'- (Inquirer)

'Panlilio recount ruling out by November' - (Inquirer)

Interview with Makati mayor Jejomar Binay on Erap-Binay tandem in 2010
(GMA News)

SWS survey: Noynoy, Villar preferred in 2010 elections - (GMA News)

Admin still confident in Teodoro's chances in 2010 - (GMA News)

Source codes to be available to other after Feb. 6 - Comelec - (ABS CBN)

PPCRV national chairperson Tita De Villa on extension of voters' registration
  - (GMA News)

Chiz-Loren tandem sa 2010 polls kasado na - solon - (GMA News)

Erap confirms tandem with Binay in 2010 polls - (GMA News)

Escudero has decided but defers announcement - (Inquirer)

Mock polls at House Monday - (Manila Bulletin)

Lumipat kay Gibo; LP ni Noynoy nalagasan ng miyembro - (GMA News)

Ebdane: No turning back in presidential bid - (Inquirer)

Comelec bares rules on substitution of candidates - (Inquirer)

Cojuangco to support NPC candidate, not nephews - (Inquirer)

Noynoy to talk to Danding on presidential bid - (GMA News)

Comelec moves voter registration in ARMM - (Inquirer)

US firm to test poll automation system - (Inquirer)

Loren ready to give way to Chiz - (ABS CBN)

Pope calls for upright leaders - (Manila Bulletin)

Comelec issues guidelines for filing of COCs f or 2010 polls - (ABS CBN)

House delays approval of Comelec's 2010 budget - (ABS CBN)

4 Presidential bets grilled by local gov't execs - (Inquirer)

Local execs not impressed with 4 aspirants - (ABS CBN)

'Plot to subvert 2010 elections will fail' - (Philstar)

Presidential aspirants tell LGUs: Free rein over calamity fund - (ABS CBN)

Comelec halts deactiviation of voters - (Manila Bulletin)

4 presidential aspirants open to Cha-Cha - (GMA News)

Comelec woes raised as registration deadline nears - (Inquirer)

Barbers lumipat sa NP; Guingona III kakalas - (GMA News)

Comelec makes partial payment to Smartmatic - (Manila Bulletin)

Comelec urged to release source code of precinct count optical scan - (Philstar)

Slow response to Ondoy may hurt Gibo in 2010 - (Inquirer)

Comelec sets voting rules for 3 highly urbanized cities - (Manila Bulletin)

Villar: Choose president based on competence, managerial ability - (GMA News)